For Young Women: 12 Pieces Of Career Advice You Need To Know

black woman business owner
Sometimes all you need is a piece of great advice to help you get past another day of work. If you’ve got big ideas and are attempting to climb the corporate ladder, these pieces of advice will help you do just that.
Great tips for the corporate savvy lady at the start of her career, or the mid-level executives in need of a career attitude change.
1. Be willing to take criticism because it’s crucial to the learning process
2. Understand that you’re never beneath any kind of work, and you’d be surprised what you can learn from seemingly meaningless tasks.
3. Never feel you have to dress less feminine to be respected by others. Your appearance should be irrelevant in professional circumstances. It is your personal choice. Leaders can wear pink. Just be modest and professional and the rest is up to you.
4. Write thank-you letters and send thank-you emails. Be clearly and verbally appreciative at all times.
5. Be friendly with everyone at work. I mean everyone. I am friends with the janitors, and they’re awesome
6. Not only does being kind to your co-workers create a more positive environment for you to work in, but it is tremendously essential that you can work well with others if you want to be successful.
7. Be flexible. Your role will change often. New experience is new knowledge and ultimately leads to being more well-rounded in your field.
8. Be respectful. You don’t have to like everyone you work with, but you do have to show them respect.
10. Don’t ever feel professionally inferior because you’re a woman. Yes, women are still the minority among leaders and in management positions, but that’s an opportunity, not a setback.
11. Never be afraid to express your ideas to superiors. You win some and you lose some, but you win nothing if you keep your thoughts to yourself and confine your creative abilities.
12. Be patient. It’s easy to get frustrated when you aren’t reaching the place in your career that you had hoped. The fact is that all good things come with time, and maintaining a positive attitude is vital.

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