Zainab Balogun Talks About Her Role In ‘God Calling’

In a recent chat, the actress said the movie required her giving her all emotionally and physically to pass across the message.

Balogun also said it was very physically and emotionally tasking but at the same time, very rewarding.

“Being on ‘God Calling’ was one of the most difficult set to be on and not because things weren’t working right but it was simply because of the emotional deposit that it required from me.

“I remember I will be on set and I have to literally cry all day and you know you don’t fake the cry, you cry over elements of the story, like the things that are very real, so I would go home and I look so shattered and my security at the gate are wondering what was wrong with me and not knowing that you have been crying all day or you have been rolling around in dirt or you are actually immersed in the water under third mainland bridge several times or you are having to jump out of a set that is high, it was very physically and emotionally tasking but at the same time, very rewarding because for me, this is forever going to be one of the most significant role that I have ever played. I think there is one other production that ha demanded so much for me but ‘God Calling’ still remains the highest. I can’t explain just how but you have to watch the movie and you will feel the pain, you will feel thing we had to do,” she said.


Zainab Balogun plays the role of a wife and mother in a seemingly perfect family, battling with drug addiction and substance abuse in the movie, ‘God Calling.’

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