7 Most Entertaining African Countries to Visit in 2024

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Africa, a continent famous for its various landscapes, rich cultures, and dynamic people, also exudes a distinct sense of joy and amusement. Despite their obstacles and complexities, African countries have an attraction that makes them synonymous with fun.

From its vibrant customs to its spectacular natural beauty, Africa is a continent where festivities are firmly ingrained in the fabric of its cultures. In this post, HowNG takes a look at the seven most fun African countries to visit in 2024, according to the adventure category in U.S. News & World Report‘s top countries rankings.

1. Egypt

Egypt, with its ancient civilization, magnificent pyramids, and diverse civilizations, is a veritable treasure trove of entertainment. Egypt’s huge deserts, verdant Nile River Valley, and ancient marvels make it an amazing trip. This North African country is a must-see for people looking for adventure and cultural enrichment, having been ranked 21st in the world for entertainment.

2. Morocco

Morocco, a Muslim country straddling the Mediterranean and Atlantic seas, with a distinct blend of cultures and scenery. Morocco is a colorful and intriguing location, with its busy marketplaces in Marrakech and the quiet grandeur of the Sahara Desert. It is ranked as the 23rd most enjoyable country in the world, delivering a variety of exciting events.


3. South Africa

South Africa’s various ecosystems and rich cultural past make it an ideal destination for those looking for amusement. The country’s coastlines, wildlife reserves, and vibrant cities provide a wide range of activities and experiences. South Africa is ranked 31st in the world for entertainment, and it has something for everyone.


4. Kenya

Kenya, recognized as the birthplace of humanity, is famous for its spectacular safaris and diverse wildlife. The country’s natural beauty and rich cultural past make it an excellent choice for people seeking adventure and enjoyment. Kenya, ranked 53rd globally, promises an exciting journey.


5. Cameroon

Cameroon, located on Africa’s western coast, is a country with a diverse culture and stunning natural beauty. Cameroon provides a diverse range of experiences, from dynamic cities to lush rainforests. Cameroon, ranked 57th in the world for fun, is a must-see vacation.


6. Tunisia

Tunisia, a small Arab country in North Africa, is renowned for its Mediterranean appeal and historical significance. The country’s mix of Arab and African cultures, together with its stunning scenery, make it an enjoyable vacation. Tunisia, ranked 58th globally in terms of enjoyment, provides visitors with a compelling experience.


7. Ghana

Ghana, formerly known as the “Gold Coast,” is a country with a rich history and lively culture. Ghana is a country full of energy and joy, from its thriving marketplaces to its vibrant music scene. Ghana, ranked as the 65th most entertaining place on Earth, is a must-see trip for any traveler.

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