‘I Eat 4 Rolls of Toilet Paper Daily’ – US Lady Speaks on Addiction

A woman called Kinah appears on latest episode of My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted? and shared that she eats up to four rolls of dunny roll a day.

An American lady identified as Kinah has shared her unusual addiction to toilet paper, which includes eating up to four rolls a day.

Kinah spoke about her addiction to toilet paper when she was featured on the recent episode of ‘My Strange Addition: Still Addicted?’ which airs on the network TLC on Wednesdays.

The Black-American lady revealed that she munches rolls of toilet paper from the start of her day.

She said despite the gaze she gets when eating it outside, “I do not care. Everybody has the weird thing they do and that is just mine”.

“Kinah eats up to four rolls of toilet paper per day. That is almost 14,000 pounds over the past 20 years,” the TCL report reads.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Kinah also said she spends almost $2700 a year on toilet paper.

“I eat toilet paper the second I get up from my bedroom in the morning. Sometimes, before I brush my teeth. The moment when I get up, especially on a beautiful day like this. A beautiful spring day like this. What is better to go like toilet paper,” Kinah said.

“Basically, I eat toilet paper all day, every day. It is so good. And guess what, toilet paper has zero calories and it will not give you a hangover.

“So people might say all toilet papers are the same or created equally, but it is not. There is a difference between one-ply toilet paper and two-ply. One-ply is better. You do not have to go through the stress of trying to rip it apart.

“They do not know the taste. The crunch you get when you just stuck a bunch in your mouth. It is like a good-cutting candy.

“You know the feeling like at Thanksgiving. You ate all your favorite food and sit on a couch to relax. That is how I feel after I eat toilet paper. I eat it everywhere. At work, in the car, and doing nails at the saloon.

“When people see me eat toilet paper, I get weird stares. One person would try to pull their phone out and try to record me. But I do not care, everybody has the weird thing they do and that is just mine.”

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