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Meet the Family of 5 Nigerian Sisters Who All Became Medical Doctors

Salamat, Halima, Khadijah, Raliat, and Medinah Aliu, five Nigerian siblings, are all doctors. These ladies, each specializing in a different sector, exemplified Black brilliance and have become role models for millions.


According to report, the Aliu family was blessed with five exceptional daughters, all of whom followed careers in medicine.


Salamat, the eldest sibling, is a neurosurgeon and the first female neurosurgeon in West Africa. Halima went into plastic surgery, Khadijah went into family medicine, Raliat is an obstetrician and gynecologist, and Medinah is a community health physician.


The sisters were able to overcome obstacles and excel in a male-dominated field. These sisters have surmounted the obstacles in a nation where gender equality and access to education remain significant issues.


They have not only broken down barriers, but also serve as role models for other women, inspiring them to pursue their aspirations and question traditional conventions, particularly within the Black community.

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