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Nigerian Lady Reportedly Divorces Husband at UK Airport

@SeyiGlobal, an academic researcher, has described how a Nigerian woman allegedly deserted her spouse at a UK airport.

According to the X user, the father landed in the UK with their children as dependents in order to reconcile with his wife, whom he financed.

According to @SeyiGlobal, the man sold all he owned in Nigeria to join his wife abroad, only to be discarded at the airport.

According to @SeyiGlobal, she first wanted to view their children’s passports, which he handed her without question.

She then told him that their marriage was ended and that she no longer wanted anything to do with him. The mother allegedly took their children and left him at the airport.

@SeyiGlobal tweeted a letter from the UK’s Home Office in which the individual was notified that his student dependency visa had been revoked and would expire on January 1, 2024.He stated:

“Betrayed and Broken: A Heart-Wrenching Arrival in the UK.

“Last month, a Nigerian man arrived in the UK with his children as dependents and his wife went to pick them up at the airport.

“She asked to see their children’s passports, which he handed over without any suspicion.

“She then told him that their marriage was over and wanted nothing to do with him. She took their children and abandoned him at the airport.

“He just arrived in the UK for the first time to join his wife, who came last year for studies. He helped pay her fees and sold off everything he had to his name to join her.”

See his tweet below:


See reactions:

@Johnny_Bright_ said:

“Mc Akọnuche on TikTok warned sternly about Nigerian men bringing/sending their women to the UK, I thought he was just been overly sensational.

“Women, most especially with children have an upper hand in UK, the system favors them more.

“I don’t want to imagine his pain at all.”

@oghezeagu said:

“Last last the guy will be fine whether there in the UK or back home in Nigeria.

“But time will come when she will regret her actions.”

@Bady4christ said:

“Her silly excuse now could be because he cheated on her 12 years ago Women are lovingly heartless simultaneously.”

@slik_e said:

“Before we hear the man’s side of the story, can we observe a 12 hours silence as we fear women!!!

“Yes we will be drinking during the 12 hours of fear-the-women-silence-a-thon!!!”

@aniedi79 said:

“Story is kinda one sided. From the guys perspective. Would love to hear her side of the story. If true There has to be an explanation for her action.”

@tundebadmus459 said:

“Take some minutes out of your time to fear women every day pending the time we hear from the woman to confirm if it’s true or not.”

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