Top 10 States With The Highest Number Of Registered Voters

Here are the top 10 States in Nigeria with the greatest percentage of registered voters as of January 2023 as Nigerians get ready for the election on February 25.

In this article, HowNG examined each State in advance of the general elections in 2023 using its vote strength.

10. Bauchi (2,749,268 registered voters)

With a record of 2.74 million voters in the new voter registration, this is the only North-Eastern State on the list. With 2.46 million voters in 2019, the State was the ninth most populous State in the top 10 list, trailing only Benue.

9. Benue (2,777, 727 registered voters)

By the CVR, Benue has been able to strengthen its voters’ list from 2.4 million registered voters in 2019. Upon completion of the exercise, 351,956 new voters were registered, according to the state. The State currently ranks among the top States with 2.77 million registered voters, making it one of the largest.

8. Plateau (2,789,528 registered voters)

Plateau, with 2.78 million registered voters, is close to Delta in that respect. The only State on this list that missed the top 10 States in 2019 is this one.

7. Delta (3, 221,697 registered voters)

With 3.22 million voters, Delta is in second place to Oyo. Males make up a greater proportion of the overall number of registered voters than females.

6. Oyo (3,276,675 registered voters)

The South-Western State currently has 3.27 million registered voters, up from 2.93 million in 2019—making it the sixth-highest electorate state in the nation.


5. Katsina (3,516,719 registered voters)

After Kaduna, it is the North-Western State with the most registered voters. The State had 3.5 million voters in the distribution as of the most recent election, up from 3.2 million in 2019.

4. Rivers (3,537,190 registered voters)

Just this State has the highest voting-age population in the entire South-South. 3.5 million votes were counted in Rivers in the most current voter distribution, compared to 3.21 million in 2019. 1.6 million (46.7%) of the total number of registered voters are women, and 1.8 million (53.3%) are men.

3. Kaduna (4,335,208 registered voters)

As of Wednesday, January 11, 2023, the State had 4.3 million less votes than Kano. In contrast to the 2.3 million male voters (53.8%), 2 million female voters, or 46.2%, were registered during the continuous registration process, according to INEC.

2. Kano (5,921,370 registered voters)

Northern Nigerian city Kano was still in second place after the voter registration process was finished. During CVR, 569,103 were registered in the State as a whole. With this, Kano now has 5.9 million voters instead of the 5.45 million it had in 2019.

1. Lagos (7,060,195 registered voters)

Lagos is currently the State with the highest voting population in the nation, with a population of over 15 million. According to data from INEC, there were 7 million registered voters..


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