UK Government Grants Student Visas to 59,053 Nigerians in 2022, Highest in Four Years

The government of the United Kingdom awarded sponsored study or student visas to 59,053 Nigerians in 2022.


According to data from the UK’s official immigration website, the number has increased eightfold in four years.


The report showed that the number jumped by 768.7% compared to 6,798 Nigerians issued study visas in 2019.


According to the research, Nigeria had the biggest number of dependents, approximately 60,923 in sponsored visas in 2022, up from 1,586 four years before.


India ranks second in terms of dependents, with an increase from 3,135 to 38,990.


According to the data, about 120,000 dependent visas were given to the top five nations last year: Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.


According to experts, Nigeria is the UK government’s top hunting ground due to its high intellectual talents, cheap labor, large working population, high diaspora remittances, and Brexit.


The United Kingdom has a sophisticated and powerful economy and is one of the best destinations to study, with an immigration system founded on the premise of visa sponsorship.


According to BusinessDay, the educational institution where students will study is the most common sponsor for immigration purposes, and the visa is provided for a specific course.



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