US-based Mother-of-three Reveals How She Discovered Her Husband Had Married Another Wife In Nigeria

US based Mother of three Reveals How She Discovered Her Husband Had Married Another Wife In Nigeria

A mother-of-three living in USA said her life crumbled after she discovered that her husband had secretly married another wife in Nigeria.


She explained that she had been married for 12 years to Tunde Oyelade and she thought she knew her husband well until April 2022 when she was on vacation in Dubai with him.

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Their three kids were back in the United States and she and her husband were on a video call with them when a message popped up on his phone with the words, “Every time I see her pictures, it makes me sad.”

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She said she questioned her husband and he brushed it off and claimed it’s a woman from his past who keeps harassing him.


However, as the weeks passed and she returned to USA with her husband, she checked her husband’s phone and found a strange number that calls regularly. Shesaid she called but the woman denied having anything to do with her husband.

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She said unknown to her, the woman named Bunmi Adedapo had married her husband a year earlier – in 2021 – and their wedding pictures were on Instagram with their wedding hashtag.

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She said her husband kept denying it and when she contacted his parents, she said they also denied it and told her to stop listening to rumours.


According to the wife, she attended her husband’s parents’ birthday party with her husband and kids in June 2022, one year after he had married Bunmi, yet they acted like nothing happened.

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She said by June 2022, her husband was out of the country and she believed he was in Nigeria, not knowing he was in Dubai with his new wife.


She explained that a friend called from Nigeria during that period to ask if she had issues in her marriage then the friend sent her photos of her husband wearing matching traditional attire with Bunmi on their traiditonal wedding day.


She said when she showed her husband, he denied it and said it was Bunmi’s birthday and they were all wearing asoebi.

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However, she said she suspected something was wrong as no one else in the crowd was wearing the matching clothes, so she began making inquiries until she discovered her husband had been married for a whole year.   She said he had married Bunmi when he returned to Nigeria and when he came back to the USA after his wedding, the wife and their three children welcomed him at the airport with balloons, not knowing it was his wedding he was returning from.

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She said she also discovered that Bunmi has been following her and her friends on Instagram and had been monitoring her life for a while.


Bunmi had been posting Tunde on her Instagram. In one post, Bunmi is seen dancing with Tunde in a club on their one year wedding anniversary.


“You see dis man hen, na me get am oooo,” Bunmi captioned a video of her and Tunde.

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In addition to the discoveries she made on Instagram about Bunmi, the wife also discovered that the businesses she thought she and her husband had in Nigeria were actually registered in his and Bunmi’s names.

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The wife claimed she is now getting threats from Bunmi and her husband and she allegedly found fetish items when she went searching in her husband’s closet.

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She said if anything happens to her and her kids, her husband and his new wife should be held responsible.


Read her story in the screenshots below then swipe through the Instagram post to see videos documenting the wife’s discovery.

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