Who is Dr. Keith Black, The Surgeon Who Performed His First Organ Transplant in 10th Grade?

Dr. Keith Black exhibited an early interest in science, and when his father noticed it, the family provided him with all the assistance he needed, including purchasing a cow’s heart for a scientific experiment while he was in grade three.

Dr. Black spent time at Case Western University labs when the family migrated to Ohio. When Keith was in 10th grade, he performed his first organ transplant on a dog and wrote his first scholarly paper on the effects of damaged mechanical heart valves on red blood cells.

Dr. Black, who was born on September 13, 1957, in Tuskegee, Alabama, quickly advanced through the academic ranks and obtained admission to the University of Michigan after graduating from high school. He was admitted to medical school after two years of undergraduate studies, which he finished in 1981. While in university, his research interest in the brain and the nature of human consciousness took off in earnest.

This path broadened his scope of inquiry to investigate the role religion plays in consciousness, which led him to focus on brain tumor treatment. His expertise in brain tumors gained him the job of director of the UCLA Medical Center’s Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program, where he worked for a decade.

According to history, he later advanced to the position of director of the division of neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 1997.In 1998, he was named chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery and a professor at the University of California-Irvine.

Dr. Black’s discovery as an accomplished neurosurgeon is that natural peptide typically helps carry medications to the brain to treat cancers. He has written hundreds of scholarly publications on brain tumors and other science-related topics throughout the years, and he has also been instrumental in raising funding to aid in the fight against cancer.

His appeal drew support from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and his years of cancer activism have gained him plaudits and awards, including appearances on the covers of Time Magazine and Newsweek International. Esquire Magazine named Dr. Black one of the “21 Most Important People of the Twenty-First Century.”

In addition, he received an Essence Award in 2001. Though the industry benchmark for surgeons is 100 brain surgeries each year, Dr. Keith has upped the bar to 250 to 300 operations per year. Despite the demands of his job, he emphasizes time with his family, spending weekends with his wife, fellow doctor Carol Bennett, and his children, Keith and Teal.

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