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Aremu Abiodun is an Entrepreneur, He’s Into Software Engineering. He’s from Oyo State

He won the NIIT Scholarship in 2005 to study E-TECH.  He started as an Internet Enthusiast; browsing, writing HTML codes and scripting Web pages in java script. Trained in computer engineering; hardware maintenance/repair, Operating System (Windows 98) troubleshooting and installation and basic system network. Quality IT Education @ NIIT in E-Technology (Software Engineering Curriculum); Web Content Development, Pseudo code, Microsoft SQL Server, Java Programming, Linux, C++ & CGI. Obtained National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering @ The Polytechnic Ibadan.

Established Milliscript IT Enterprises; Chief Executive Officer. Microsoft Certified Professional SQL Server 2008. Worked with Microsoft Dynamics NAV @ Sunflag Group (Nigeria) Limited. Bagged Higher Diploma in Software Engineering @ FPT University. Designed and developed Milliscript Money Spinner Suite Server/Client Software; over 200,000 lines of code developed in java, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server, HTML, CSS. Invented Milliscript Money spinner Bookkeeping System. Published Work Engine (Perpetual Motion Machine).


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Abiodun Aremu with StarsConnect Correspondent Eunice

Abiodun Aremu: Thanks you very much, It’s my pleasure

Can you please introduce yourself to us?

Abiodun Aremu: My name is Abiodun Aremu Olawale and I’m a software Engineer

Tell us about your personality?

AbiodunAremu: I’m a cool headed guy, find myself a busy person nowadays I like to engage myself in productive stuffs, also find myself a creative person ,I see myself creating things and that what brought about my career.

What motivates you?

Abiodun Aremu: Finding solutions to problems. In as much as it is in my capacity

What exactly do you hope to achieve as a software engineer?

Abiodun Aremu: definitely to provide software solutions, to Impact not just my environment but  to the whole world I hope to be able to contribute my own quota and value to the world.


Abiodun Aremu with Jetheights Services CEO

What have you achieved? 

Abiodun Aremu: Solving problems using codes. There’s nothing that makes me happier than solving software problems. Most times you write codes and you get thousands of errors but at the end of it all, it is successfully executed that always makes me happy.

What is your greatest Achievement?

Abiodun Aremu: Setting up milliscript enterprise is one of my greatest achievements, it started in 2007 and up till now we still up and running. And secondly I have visions I’m achieving gradually.

What’s your future plan?

Abiodun Aremu: I’m yet to maximize my potential, we are still an SME/ Start-up Company, and we are yet to establish ourselves, so I look forward to having a global  phase, and looking beyond software. Looking at integrated hardware’s and coming up with products.

What are your challenges so far?

Abiodun Aremu:  For me, building my company and getting it out there with limited resources. And for My first software, Milliscript Money Spinner Suite,  I found it hard trying to make people buy and make use of it. There are many aspects of people not trying to get IT into their business. We have challenges in marketing our products.

Any upcoming Project?

Our latest Product is Text Wallet which is an electronic management system

Where did you see milliscript enterprise, in the next 5 years?

Abiodun Aremu: in the next five years, we should have a National presence definitely. By then, when people what to talk about IT companies, Milliscript should be #1. Internationally too I believe. With text wallet, we should go international.

How long have you being a software engineer?

Abiodun Aremu: For ten years now, since 2006.

 What personal Qualities do you need to be software engineer?

Abiodun Aremu: you have to be patient because when you are writing a code, you are not always right, there’s always certain principle you have to follow.

What are the technical skills you need as a software engineer?

AbiodunAremu: You don’t really need any technical skills to start as far as you know how to use the computer

What kind on training do you offer?

Abiodun Aremu:  I train people on java, SQL Server. Database Developer management, Console programming, GUI, Enterprise base programming, Networking etc.

What Programming Language are you best at?

Abiodun Aremu: Java is my best programming language.

How do you stay current with current technologies?

Abiodun Aremu:  I train people with latest software, and that has helped me to stay current and I always update myself by going online. Also being in the academy area has helped me on that.

What are your Innovations and Inventions?

Abiodun Aremu:  I came up with few theories back then in secondary school as a jet club member, also came up with a work engine on fluid mechanics at the higher institution. Also developed software called Milliscript Money Spinner Suite and published a book online.

What are your best selling products?

Abiodun Aremu : In terms of Products, We have Milliscript Money Spinner Suite and text wallet. We are more of a services company, and I believe Text wallet will definitely be our best selling  products. It was launched Jan 2016.


Abiodun Aremu with Jetheights Staffs

What is text wallet all about? 

AbiodunAremu: Text wallet was conceived in 2014, we wanted a particular service system that will provide services to people. And looking at our environment, we don’t want it to be internet based because internet is not too good here, and not everybody will always have access to the internet and our interest it to target everybody. So we thought of a system that can reach out to everybody on any mobile phone, so we made it SMS based. The development of text wallet was completed in 2015.TEXT WALLET is an electronic management based system, where you send sms to the server, and the server response back. You can use text wallet to purchase data bundle, subscribe your decoder (DSTV, GOTV, STAR TIMES etc. And we are still working on extending to other platforms like PHCN, Recharge Cards, WAEC scratch cards, JAMB scratch cards etc.

Advice for aspiring Software engineers?

Abiodun Aremu : The world needs software engineers, IT is the future, There’s employment opportunities. And you just have to be ready for it you don’t necessary has to be a genius.

You are welcome to StarsConnect once again, we are happy having you here.

Abiodun Aremu: It’s my pleasure and thank you for having me.

It’s being great at StarsConnect Network Studio, and I really commend you for this

Good job starsconnect and I wish you the best and you will move to greater height.

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