Meet D’ Krieton, Fast Rising Nigerian Gospel Singer. #StarsConnect


Joshua Oluwaseyi Oginni, popularly known by the stage name, D’ Krieton is a singer, prolific songwriter, pianist and a music producer, a diehard, non-relenting, hard working musician who has his eyes always fixed on and gunning for excellence, was in an interview with Ayeni Bidemi.

He delved into music professionally since the year 2007. In the year 2010, having participated in and taken the 1st Position in Talent Discovery, (a Gospel Music Reality Show powered by the Latter House Family), D’ Krieton got a certificate of authenticity, signed and presented by Dr. Ron Kenoly and also sang side-by-side with the maestro in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

He attributes his passion for music to his biological father, who he testifies was his first music teacher.

The song, ” This Way ”, being his 14th official single is a motivational song that expresses the determinations of a visionary, born out of struggles, pains and the rejections of an unappreciative society.


                                                                   THE INTERVIEW

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Once again welcome to Stars Connect Network, could you please introduce yourself?

D Krieton: My name is Joshua Oluwaseyi Oginni, I am known by the stage name “D Krieton”, am a music producer and a recording artiste, I have my studio and label, I also will be releasing my 15th Official single, that means I have 15 songs on the go.

What kind of music do you do?

D Krieton: To talk about the genre first, I do R&B and Soul, my focus is gospel, it’s what I live for, I have diversification though, many times I find myself doing hip-hop in the core of it, sometimes I do other genres, but gospel is my lyrics.


What prompted you into music?

D Krieton: Music happens to be what I grew up knowing, from my early days in the choir, back in the days in church, my dad was an organist then, he was a music director of a band and the choir in church, I grew up with music, it’s not something I can’t detach myself from and I knew from a early stage of my life that am actually going to do music for a living.

What are your expectations in music?

D Krieton: So much, but in summary, I want my music to be a source of inspiration to my listeners, I write motivationally now and I want to fellowship with the heart of people because I write my songs basically from my experience, a lot of people go through lots of things either positive or negative, I write songs that motivates individuals to get back on the job. What I want to achieve with music goes into the care of heart, of vocation and souls and I have a dream of getting my music to the core of the nations of the earth.

 You talked about releasing a single earlier; can you shed more light on that?

D Krieton: The song is called “Happy Birthday”, a song of celebration, I wrote this song because everyday somebody is celebrating a birthday, so somewhere, somehow, you have a song to listen to, to hold onto, it comes to you as a birthday gift, it ministers to you especially on your day.

Do you have any album tagged to you yet?

D Krieton: No! Not really, as much as I want to release an album, I released 10 songs and I called it “project 10”, that would have been an album if I decided to write them on a CD and sell them, but I have a different perspective to albums, we are in a jet-age whereby hardware are not really what sells, let it be on the internet, and people will buy from there.

How many artiste have you worked with?

D Krieton: Being a music producer I worked with everybody, the fact that I do gospel as an artiste does not stop me from recording for Olamide if he comes into my studio, so I have worked with quiet a lot of artiste and I work basically with Yetunde Aare and I also work indirectly with The Azuzar Productions, also with shegzy B and other secular artiste.

As a musician, can you tell us the worst decision you have ever made?

D Krieton: Well, the decision I made that did not work out well eventually was putting forth a concert, making a publicity and spending so much money for well over a month and just in the week of the concert we cancelled it…loll…we just had some very funny issues, it was the most devastating decision I ever made, and to think that the decision was actually out of some sentimental reasoning such that lets please this set of people because they wanted us to shift it, then lets shift it, we shifted and  eventually we didn’t do it.


What is your greatest achievement in music?

D Krieton: I think it’s my 14th song,This way”, it’s a huge success, it brought me here so, it’s taken me to lot of places too, the music is very much down to heart, the lyrics is captivating I, inspirational and motivational, such that everyone that listens to it, whoever you are, it doesn’t matter your religion ,it just hits you, it brought me in a “wow” position, somebody called me from South Africa that they are playing my song on the radio, so that song is my greatest achievement in music.

Who is your role model in the music Industry?

D Krieton: I don’t have a role model, I just have people I look up to, but not necessary I want to be like them, in Nigeria I look up to Tim Godfrey, I love him and fellowship with him, I learn from his work, also Edward Sunday in Ibadan, he is a music producer, I call him  “bros Eddy” and Yetunde Aare, she keeps me on the go and then I feed on materials from the likes of J-Moss, James fortune, Kirk Franklin, ASA, Dare ART Alade.

How is your music growing in Ibadan?

D Krieton: In-depth, No, but, I have also learnt is that if you keep doing something over and over again you develop yourself in it and acquire more skills and put it to work, eventually it pays off, even people who are not buying into what you do, will eventually buy into it, but I know I have a serious work to do if Nigeria itself as a nation will accept what my kind of music, because we already have one or two people doing this kind of music, what I do is very much close to the work of Kirk Franklin and James Fortune, so to come up board in Ibadan, they like your lyrics but that style, could you just add “gangan”…loll. My audience basically are the upcoming generation, the youth, they appreciate the kind of music that I do, so I know it will pay off.

Have you done any collaboration with any musician?

D Krieton: Yes, I have worked with a lot of artiste, there is Ife, Ope, John Zaoh, Pastor Harry, and a lot other people, at least once in a month I find myself working with an artiste.




What’s your take about the saying “Comedy and Gospel Sync”?

D Krieton: I think it depends on the organizers, if it’s a show then maybe whatever you bring on board goes forth, but we have had an MC who couldn’t crack jokes and it went well, he just had inspirational words and people wanted to listen to him, so the idea is actually not that gospel and comedy sync, the thing is the show, you can have the gospel as well as the comedy, in my own words I wouldn’t want to say that there is comedy in gospel, I would  just say that you could have the two in a show.


What do you have to say to other Upcoming artiste?

Listen to “This Way”…loll…all the word I have to say is in that song, I dedicated the song to all visionaries who gun for a goal or the other, everyone that aspires a height or goal, so don’t give up now, you might just be closer to the end than you thought, upcoming artiste keep working, am working to because an upcoming artiste too, let’s just keep working we will get there. To get the song just Google “This Way” and download.

Thank you very much for your time.

It’s my pleasure.

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