42 Bag Distinction As Nexford University Graduates 662 Students

Nexford University, a US-based online university, has graduated 662 students, 42 of whom received honors (4.0 CGPA).

The institution also recognized five students who excelled in both academics and character.

Nexford’s graduation ceremony took place on Saturday at the Landmark Event Centre in Lagos’ Victoria Island.

Master seminars, a career fair with Nigeria’s best employers, a start-up demo, and an exhibition were all part of the celebration.

Among those awarded are Adeshile Oluwabusayo, who emerged as ‘Best Peer Mentor’ for BBA (undergraduate degree) and Monsuru Adebayo Popoola as ‘Best Peer Mentor’ for MBA (graduate degree).

Sonter Samuel James was designated a “Outstanding Brand Ambassador” and Daniel Oreofe was selected “Outstanding Volunteer of the Year.”

Accolades rained down on James Ogo-Oluwa Osinowo, who was named ‘Valedictorian of the Year’ for the class of 2023 after earning a 4.0 CGPA alongside over 40 other Nigerians.

Fadl Al Tarzi, CEO of Nexford University, spoke at the ceremony and hailed Nigerians as more resilient and educated than the ordinary American.

Al Tarzi, however, pointed out that relocating abroad is not the only way to succeed.

He advised the graduates to showcase their skills and let the world witness their value.

In this era of remote work, jobs are transcending geographical boundaries, and Africa with its youthful population, is poised to be the cradle of tomorrow’s global workforce,” he added

“There is an undeniable truth in this, Africa is where tomorrow’s workforce will come from.

“It is time for you to ascend to leadership, redefine perceptions, and engrave your marks on societies, whether here in Nigeria or beyond your borders.

“If your journey takes you to foreign lands, remember, you are the architects of perceptions, the ambassadors of our values. Make those lands realise the privilege of hosting Nigerian talent.”

Nexford, according to Obiageli Ezekwesili, former minister of education and university board member, can help Nigeria address human capital deficits.

According to Ezekwesili, the university is one of the global institutions that has demonstrably provided the skills required for the twenty-first century.

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