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Finally!!! I Deserve New Shirts Is Here, YNorth Wears Tells Fans

Star Connect, a subsidiary of Jetheights Services, had an awesome time with the Chief Executive Officer of YNorth Wears today at the studios. It was quite scintillating, as he officially announces the introduction of his new fashion line- I Deserve New Shirt, springing out tomorrow.

Like we do at Stars connect, we just do not bring our stars to light, we also keep tab on their progress, and give their ever abounding ideas voice in the Nigerian market.

Such is today, that YNorth stormed the studio with the debut of his new fashion line, ‘I Deserve new Shirts’ which kicks off from tomorrow.

YNorth being welcomed into the Starconnect studiosYNorth being welcomed into the Starsconect Studios.YNorth being received at Starsconnect Studios.

Lets hear what he has to say to his fans out there..


Stars connect Studio is a subsidiary of Jet heights services, a company that builds companies. StarsConnect network is a programme that brings together entrepreneurs, business owners, inspirational speakers, pastors, and leaders in the society, upcoming artistes, NGOs, people giving back to the society and the world at large.

We conduct interview sessions in our studio to find out everything we can about their journey to stardom, we hope to bring together stars who can be of benefit to one another or who can synergize with Jetheights in other to impact the community. By doing this we can reach out to everyone in the society especially the youth in order for them to make good use of their youthfulness and channel their energy towards positive and productivity activities.

Welcome to StarsConnect Studio.

YNorth: Thank You

Please Can We meet You: 

Ynorth:  My name is Babalola Bamiro Oluwaseun. I’m the CEO of Ynorth wears, and we are into shoe making, we produce quality shoes. I attended Government College Ibadan, where I proceeded to Lagos State Polythecnic to study Computer Science. Am married to a beautiful woman,and I have two pretty kids.

As a graduate what were your parents reactions when you said you were going into shoe-making:

YNorth: Years back while staying with my Uncle, we also had cousins staying with us. A whole lot of them were jobless, so right from then, I changed my mindset and told myself I was going to venture into business. From there I started a lot of businesses, some worked, some crashed, but then I was able to win my parents and family over through my focus and tenacity. Though they did not like the idea initially.

Exactly a year ago, you were here in our studio, telling your fans that your girlfriend, now your wife (laughs), was the inspiration behind the ‘I DESERVE NEW SHOES’ , question is what inspired you to this new debut’ I DESERVE NEW SHIRT’

YNorth: Yes, My wife was the inspiration and now she is still my inspiration. But then, we just keep evolving from one idea to the other. From shoes to school shoes and now shirts with ties, and more are still coming out.

YNorth Wears has like 25 branches all over, would you say Ibadan is highly responsive to your fashion line, as compared to other states:

YNorth: Ibadan is the headquarters, so I would say yes, Ibadan has been extremely encouraging, and highly receptive. We started in Ibadan and stayed 5years before we moved to other states. Ibadan is home for me like I say. So shout outs to my Ibadan fans, they made it happen. And of course to my clients all over, I love you all too.

In This Time of Recession, how have you been  coping business wise, has it affected sales in whatever way:

YNorth: Yes, It affected the prices of materials, now we put in more capital so we keep satisfying our clients’ demands. Also we couldn’t increase our prices, but then we have had so many promos that helped our clients, and invariably padded the effects of recession on our business. We maintained our prices whiles competitors increased theirs due to recession. This has helped us gain more market.


     Feeling at home at Starsconnect Studios

December this year, YNorth Wears will be 7years, what a great number!, So what should we, your fans expect from you after now, towards your 7th anniversary:

YNorth: We are taking YNorth to schools, where we make shoes affordable for parents. And then we are taking the burden off the parents. They wouldn’t have to go from stores to stores looking for school shoes for their kids. We call the School Shoes Project. Watch out!

What habit of yours helped you towards success in business:

YNorth: It is my dream, that kept me on. Way back then I told myself, I would never write a CV, for any job, so that kept me going even in my challenges. So I was tenacious and highly focused.

YNorth What do you have for your female wears:

YNorth: The ‘I Deserve New Shirts’ is a brand for both male and female. After tomorrow, we are rolling out different women shirts, so you can visit our store at Jericho for your choice. And watch out for kiddies shirts soon.

So , Any Encouraging word to your fans out there, especially Ibadan youths:

YNorth:  Hold on to your dreams and never let go. 7years down the line has not been easy but I held on and with God’s Help, we are here today. And many thanks to my amiable wife too and my crew, plus all my customers out there.

My Name is Bamiro Babalola Oluwaseun I’m here live at StarsConnect Studio, Networking with the Stars.

YNorth with Stars connect correspondent, Mabel

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