Happie Boys and OPM Pastor at Loggerheads over ‘Aborted’ Cyprus Scholarship

Chibuzor Chinyere, the general overseer of Omega Power Ministry (OPM), and Happie Boys, a comedy duo, are at loggerheads over an allegedly terminated Cyprus scholarship.

Happie Boys are a two-man team of private security workers who gained attention for their content creation.

The boys were, however, fired from their jobs at an eatery in Aba, Abia state for dancing while on duty.

Following their dismissal, the Happie Boys were granted scholarships by Chinyere to study in Cyprus.

But recently, the comedians took to social media to reveal that they have dropped out of school.

Sharing the conversations they had with the pastor, the boys alleged that the scholarship was discontinued.

The boys claimed the pastor sends people on scholarships that are later discontinued.

In an expletive-laden exchange, Chinyere said he had used church offerings and tithes, to sponsor the Happie Boys.

However, in a subsequent social media post on Tuesday, the Happie Boys said they had reached out to the pastor for support, but he kept asking them to wait for several months.

They further revealed that all other beneficiaries of the pastor’s scholarship scheme had dropped out, except for those who came from wealthy backgrounds.

They said they were forced to undertake menial jobs in order to survive.

“After asking us to wait for another 6 months before he can continue with the scholarship,” their post reads.

“Everyone on the scholarship dropped out while some who came from rich houses continued schooling.

“This is 9 months now we have been surviving by ourselves doing so many dirty jobs to get money.

“Most nights we slept on the streets in cold weather while sending him proof videos & texts without getting any human sympathy from him who sent us here!

“We waited and can’t keep this to ourselves anymore.”

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