Hilda Baci Reacts to Alan Fisher’s Record-Breaking Cooking Marathon

This video grab shows an official adjudicator, Mark Mckinley, of the Guinness World Records with the certificate of Chef Hilda Baci as the then-record holder for the longest cooking record. Beside the video grab is an image of Hilda Baci during her cook-a-thon at Amore Gardens in Lekki, Lagos in May 2023

Hilda Baci has spoken out after an Irish chef claimed her Guinness World Record.


Alan Fisher of Ireland is now the record holder for the longest cooking marathon by one individual, according to Guinness World Records, which was released earlier today, Nov. 7.



Fisher finished in 119 hours and 57 minutes, about 24 hours longer than former record holder Hilda Baci.


He did not stop there, but went on to break the record for the longest baking marathon by an individual right away. He baked for 47 hours and 21 minutes, breaking the previous record of 31 hours and 16 minutes set by Wendy Sandner, an American.


According to Guinness World Records, Alan completed both tries back to back. Translation: “he was at work in the kitchen for over 160 hours with just over a day of rest in between” .


Hilda, who previously held the record for the longest individual cooking marathon, replied on Twitter.


She congratulated Fisher and said it is an honour for her to have held the title.


She tweeted: “Huge congratulations to Alan Fisher! 119hrs 57mins is a huge achievement, and I wish him all the best as the new world record holder!”


She added: “I’m so happy to have held a record so prestigious and profound I will forever be honored and grateful for all the love and support.”



Recall that Hilda began her Cook-a-Thon on Thursday, May 11, and continued through Monday, May 15, 2023. GWR officially declared her the record holder in June 2023.


This means that Hilda held the title for less than 5 months.


Irish Chef Alan Fisher Breaks Hilda Baci’s GWR For Longest Cooking Hours

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