How I Found Myself Under Oshodi Bridge After 21 Years in US – Nigerian Man

After residing in the United States for 21 years, a Nigerian man related his harrowing account of finding himself under the Oshodi Bridge in Lagos and sleeping there for two years.

According to the man, who was crying as he told his story, he studied Banking and Finance in London, but his slide began after he had a dream in which he was flying through the heavens like an eagle.

The man recounted his heartbreaking story with Oriyomi Hamzat, a prominent Ibadan-based journalist.

In his dream preceding his bizarre voyage to Nigeria, he said that as he flew over the air like a bird, he saw that he was welcome to Africa and, eventually, Nigeria.

“I just strangely found myself in Nigeria. I spent nine years in London. I studied Banking and Finance in London. I had struggled a lot. I had a dream like I was flying in the skies,” he said.

“In the dream, I was welcome to the Bahamas. I had been there for a vacation in real life. Then, I saw ‘Welcome to London’. Later, I saw another signpost that said, ‘Welcome to Africa’. After that another one said, ‘Welcome to Nigeria.’ It now became clearer when I started seeing cattle, and ‘molue’ buses, and I woke up,” he cried.


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