I Don’t Want to End Up Like My Father – Emeka Ike’s Son

Michael, the actor Emeka Ike’s son from Nigeria, says he fears he may end up like his father.

An audio clip from last week that circulated on social media networks purportedly showed the movie star asking Michael to end his life.

“Michael go and jump in front of a truck right now. Jump from where you are and break your head and smash it,” he was heard saying in the voice note.

In a recent episode of the #WithChude podcast, Michael said he is not proud to call Ike “my father”.

He also expressed concerns about having “similar issues like Ike” when he becomes a husband and father.

“This cannot be someone I should be proud of. I started thinking: ‘what do I do when I bring a woman home? Or my kids?’” he said.

“I started getting scared that I am going to have issues like this when I grow up. People always tell me I’m having the effects that my father has, this agitation.

“I am starting to reflect on myself that maybe it is better if I start to keep quiet and slow down because I really don’t want to end up like this guy.

“He said I should not come out here and talk. That I should not dare step foot against him and that he will crush me.

“He said he will crush me if I ever dared to go against him. I just want to see what happens next. I am here for the ride”.

A Lagos Island customary court annulled Emeka Ike’s 17-year marriage to Suzanne Emma in 2017 due to constant abuse.

In addition, the court decided that Ike should have custody of their four children, but Suzanne should have unrestricted access to them.

The actor, who hasn’t been in a motion picture for more than 13 years, returned with Toyin Abraham’s “Malaika.”

Ike claimed last week in an interview that Suzanne forced him to give up his four children and his millions-worth of properties.

But Suzanne retaliated against Ike, saying that she was physically abused during their marriage.


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