I Used To Work In An Ice Cream Store – Guchi

Guchi has shared her poor origins before breaking into the music business.

In a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, the rising artist shared her experience working in an ice cream business to support her family financially.

The rising singer revealed that her employer became “my destiny helper” after he accidently heard her singing while working.

“I used to work in an ice cream store. I didn’t want to sit down and say I have a passion for music and wait for Don Jazzy to come and sign me in my house. I had to feed my siblings and my mother,” she said.

“This particular day, I was at the back, singing and preparing the ice cream so I could pour it inside the machine then my boss walked in and asked who was singing, and they all screamed Guchi.

“So he said, I like your boldness and then put his hand in his pocket. I thought he was about to give me a tip I would use to go home that day but he brought out a card.

“I felt so disappointed. I didn’t know that was my destiny helper.”

Guchi, born Ugochi Lydia Onuoha, rose to prominence in the music industry following the success of her 2021 single ‘Jennifer’.

She has had several popular songs, including ‘Blood Tonic’, ‘All Over You’, and ‘Notice Me’.

Although her family is from Mbaise in Imo, Guchi was born in Kaduna. She did, however, grow up in Abuja.

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