Idiat Shiole, The Visionary Tailor Revolutionizing African Fashion with Stunning 3D Virtual Designs

She is known as a metaverse tailor in the fashion world. Idiat Shiole, a Nigerian fashion designer with humble beginnings, has transformed traditional textile design into 3D virtual couture.

Shiole was inspired by a strong desire to be different. When she recognized that the Nigerian fashion sector was underdeveloped, she began researching opportunities in the digital realm. She quickly discovered her specialty, combining her style with digital art, resulting in the most popular virtual masterpieces in Nigeria.

Shiole reflected on her path, saying, “People couldn’t make the connection between how I dressed and the type of art I create.” However, over time, this separation became the motivating cause behind her establishment of a distinct node between fashion and the metaverse.

Shiole, also known as HADEEART, noted that although starting her career in physical fashion after studying textile design in college, she sought further opportunities, particularly due to Nigeria’s relatively small textile industry.

According to Mint and Wear, she became interested in digital fashion and extended reality (XR) after learning about technologies like Marvelous Designer and Clo3D.

HADEEART ATELIER is the idea of Nigeria’s fashion icon. It is a fashion studio specializing in virtual fashion design, 3D modeling, motion design, and XR technologies. The objective is to transform fashion through technology, promote sustainable design, and advance fashion education for the future.

Shiole also created Àwèlé, a virtual influencer and fashion model with transhuman and afrofuturistic characteristics.

Shiole and two co-founders founded “The Hacedor,” a firm that offers digital fashion solutions to brands. Their services range from 3D strategy consultation to digital garment production and immersive AR/VR experiences.

She has also launched a digital asset business that sells fashion-related 3D models, making it easier for new designers to find high-quality components for their creative projects.

She recently participated in Portion’s Afrofuturism Week, where she exhibited among approximately 15 other artists. She is currently concentrating on growing her virtual modeling pursuits, with plans to release new digital models in the future.

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