Japa? 4 Best Methods To Relocate Abroad

As the government continues to battle with growing inflation, diminishing revenue, expanding national debt and more, many passionate, clever and talented Nigerians are actively pursuing additional chances outside of the country.

While it is unfortunate that many of us are leaving in droves, the situation is completely understood since wasting your God-given gift in a culture that reduces you at every turn is a disservice and sin to oneself.

As a result, to make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the four best ways to relocate abroad. We’ve also included some useful resources for you to peruse.

Some of the finest ways to relocate overseas are to continue your education at the secondary, university, or quaternary levels.

Not only does studying abroad provide new academic opportunities, but it also promotes independence and open-mindedness.

The disadvantages of this strategy include that acquiring a study visa may be tough, particularly if your grades are not stellar or you have never visited outside of the nation before.

Yet, there are numerous organizations that exist only to assist you with your application procedure.

From selecting the best country that may have opportunities for work while you study and after you graduate, to ensuring that your personal essays on your application are top-tier, to assisting you with your visa application and working with their various university partners to secure admission for you, they can do it all.

Here are a few Study Abroad agencies in the country we recommend:

● Sable International Study Abroad

● Navitas

● Kaplan International Pathways

As the globe gets increasingly international, the job you thought you couldn’t have because it was in Sweden is no longer so difficult to obtain.

Many countries are striving to diversify their economies and social structures, and as a result, more companies are looking to attract international expertise.


Nordic countries such as Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark are among the simplest to apply for a work visa in.

These countries have relatively excellent living standards, and employees of international corporations receive some of the most incredible benefits. If learning a new language is not an option for you right now, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada are other excellent countries to start a new profession and life.

Working abroad or participating in an exchange program is one of the best ways to tour the world. Working abroad does not imply sitting in a corporate office, but rather earning money and exploring the world.

Traveling while working may appear tough, but it is quite manageable and fun when done through exchange or employment programs.

Thus, if you’ve finished secondary school or your first degree and want to Japa but don’t want to be overburdened with work, you could choose teaching English or being an English conversation coach in places like Qatar, Prague, Italy, Greece, and other programs like these:

Here are a few you can check out:

● Greenheart Travel

● InterExchange


Despite the fact that a substantial number of young Nigerians are open to transferring abroad, the decision to relocate to a foreign nation is not an easy one. Immersing yourself in a new culture, maybe learning a new language, and physical isolation from friends and loved ones back home can be tough. You’ll also need to settle into your studies, career, or business, organize your budget, and reconnect with friends and family.

Many Nigerians in the diaspora confess there are things they wish they had known before taking the risk of moving to a new nation.


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