“Japa If You Want to Japa,” – Pastor Femi Emmanuel Tells Congregation

Pastor Femi Emmanuel, the presiding pastor of Livingspring Chapel International, urges his congregation to “japa” whenever possible.

This was said during a church service at the Ibadan headquarters.

The pastor, explaining the country’s alarming status, claims Nigeria’s foes are bank directors. “The MDs of banks are the destroyers of this system.”

Admonishing church members that if they have the opportunity to leave the nation, they should, because the country’s future is uncertain.

“This country cannot go on like this, okay? I was talking about those who migrated. I don’t blame those who want to japa. You know, initially, I was saying don’t japa. Do you hear me saying that again?

”Japa if you want to japa, ooo. Because you look at the country and you say, ‘What future?’”

He tells his congregation to tell Asiwaju to restructure Nigeria. “The next thing he should do, tell him, if you know him, is to restructure this country.”

He further said, “Nigeria is a fraud”, one tribe is pressing the whole nation,” referring to the central bank’s motion of moving the operational department to Lagos, and the Northerners are not in support of this.

“One particular tribe is pressing the whole of us. Did you hear what the central bank governor wants to do? Just a department, the operational department of the central bank, to be moved back to Lagos where you have 99% of the headquarters of banks. The North is not in support. Don’t take Abuja back to Lagos.”

Femi mentioned that he knows how governance functions, recalling that he was once the deputy speaker of the Oyo State House of Assembly before he went into ministry. “I talk like no other pastor talks because I have seen into governance. I have seen into the church. I know where the problem is in this country.”


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