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Kogbagidi Biography: Inside The Life Of The Nigerian Club Promoter

Quadri Taoreed, better known as Kogbagidi, is a Nigerian entrepreneur, club promoter, Businessman, and media personality.


Early Childhood

At the time of publication, the exact date of birth of Nigerian entrepreneur, club promoter, businessman, and media personality Quadri Taoreed was not available on the internet.

He was also born and raised in Nigeria by his parents. Growing up in a middle-class family, Kogbagidi had plenty of necessities.

Furthermore, his father is a pub owner, which undoubtedly influenced his career choices.

Quadri Taoreed received his education at the prestigious Lagos State University. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Personnel Management there (IRPM).

Furthermore, he served in the Nigeria Youth Service Corps (NYSC) camp in Ebonyi State. Kogbagidi was socially and politically involved in his undergraduate years as the Welfare Director of Lagos State University’s Student Union.

Early Career

Quadri Taoreed’s career choices were influenced by his father, who worked in the entertainment industry as a club promoter and businessman.

Furthermore, he has accomplished so much in the industry, especially since he is a well-known name and popular among Nigerian artists and fans.


Is He Married?

Yes, Kogbagidi is married. He’s married and lives with his family in London, the United Kingdom at the time of this publication. His daughter, son, and wife are living together and growing much better in bonding and love.

Net Worth

Quadri Taoreed’s net worth is estimated to be between $5 million and $10 million.


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