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LeAnna Roberts: 16-Year-Old Graduates with the Highest Distinction from the University of Alabama

LeAnna Roberts, 16, is making headlines as she prepares to graduate with honors from the University of Alabama.

Though her college career was fraught with difficulties, she persevered with amazing tenacity and optimism, holding various leadership posts in multiple honor societies, which provided her with a well-rounded university experience.

LeAnna finished from both high school and community college at the age of 14 and went on to enroll at the University of Alabama to pursue a pre-medical degree, according to Black News.

Her parents, Lee and Latonya Roberts, are overjoyed with her accomplishments. Latonya told Local 12 News that she was “always excited to hear about her day.” Every day was different, even though some days were more difficult than others, but she always found the good side.”

However, LeAnna’s parents had some concerns when she was first enrolling. Her father admitted that he wanted to make sure she would be safe, but LeAnna considered herself a normal student and did not allow her age to define her or hold her back. “The name of the game has definitely been balance. Balancing extracurricular activities as well as remaining vigilant in the classroom has helped me succeed so far,” LeAnna said.

The outlier has many post-graduation plans, “I am currently preparing to take the medical college admission test next month so I can start the application process for medical schools. I’m looking into medical schools in the southeast, but will be applying to programs throughout the country.”

LeAnna cites transportation to school during her first year as the most challenging, according to her, “The most challenging thing my first year was transportation since I was only 15 years old. My dad dropped me off at the Students Center then took my brother to school before he went to work, and my mom would pick me up in the afternoons.” Despite this challenge, she notes that having to be on campus all day was probably the most productive time for her.

Explaining why she chose the University of Alabama, LeAnna said, “I am 16 years old, I have always been treated like a regular student by my peers and professors. On my very first day, April Ingram, director of specialized masters and Ph.D. programs, and Jennifer Dempsey, STEM/CREATE Path to the MBA instructor, reached out and welcomed me.” She added that “I had a lot of great experiences at UA and gratefully my support system is not just within my own family but includes the people at UA as well.”

LeAnna is determined to continue her study after completing her bachelor’s degree. According to the University, she is a biology major from Tuscaloosa who plans to pursue her master’s degree through the institution’s STEM Path to MBA program.

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