Here’s Why Rapper Ludacris is Attached to his 1993 Acura Legend Despite His $25m Net Worth

Many hip-hop musicians live luxurious lifestyles, but when it comes to vehicles, American rapper, actor, and record executive Ludacris has a fleet of them but is still connected to his 1993 Acura Legend. Looking back, when the world finally caught on to the bright hip-hop buzz in the early 1990s, this model was the sexiest car for practically all of the A-list performers.

From A Tribe Called Quest to the Wu-Tang Clan, they discovered methods to incorporate the essence of the automobile into their rhymes. Despite his personal fortune of more than $25 million, Ludacris is particularly fond of his 1993 Acura Legend. The car was intended for the middle management class market, but it immediately became popular among high-flying hip hop musicians, drug barons, and anyone looking to live a high-flying life.

The Fast and Furious star bought the car in 1999, when his career was at its peak, and he still drives it nearly 30 years later. To the ordinary hip hop or automobile enthusiast, it’s just a beige 1990s sedan, but to the rapper, the car represents his life path and how far he has come.

While many European luxury automobiles from the early 1990s broke down or ended up in a junkyard, the engineering and quality of the 1993 Acura Legend keep it stylish even now. After being involved in a car accident, the only dent Ludacris had on the vehicle was at the back right door and the quarter panel. When Acura’s manufacturers learned of the car’s condition, they intervened to alter it for the rapper, enhancing it to suit his status and taste.

The business spent two months working at its Acura Design office in California to get the vehicle in top shape, specking it out and boosting its performance with 18-inch Rays wheels, lowering the chassis, adding wildwood brakes to the front and back, and a banging new Pioneer sound system. The car was then repainted in the factory’s cozy cashmere with a dash of ice pearl to stand out on the street.

To find what they needed for the spectacular restoration work, the team had to sift through junkyards for scraps and parts bins. Despite being manufactured in the 1990s, the 1993 Acura Legend is ready for the century. The automobile was later displayed at the 2015 SEMA exhibition, where it won accolades and appreciation.

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