Nigerian Lady Displays Stash of Biafran Pounds Hidden by Her Late Grandfather

Rita, a Nigerian woman, was shocked to discover wads of Biafran pounds that her late grandfather had hidden away.

The Igbo woman claims that her grandfather, who was 103 years old, passed away 16 years ago.

She displayed the antiquated money on their balcony’s railing in a TikTok video, expressing her amazement over her grandfather’s secret stash.

“You’re dead but your money still lives on,” Rita captioned her TikTok video.

The Biafran pound was the currency of the breakaway Republic of Biafra between 1968 and 1970.

Watch the video below:


Nigerians react to the discovered Biafra pounds:

omar said:

“The true perspective is the money he lost/couldn’t use after the Biafra/Nigeria civil war. he has to start life again with 20 Nigerian pound from govt.”

kingsley5610 said:

“You people are now rich.”

gregv48 said:

“Pls try to hide it as well because very soon you’ll need it, Biafra is coming.”

Sweto_comedy said:

“Am ready to buy it how much will you resell for me.”

user6897476048823 said:

“Thousands of years ooooh but na grandpa,what if he was great great great great great great great great great great great grandpa na millions of yrs.”

Gustavo said:

“Still keep am in the near future you fit put am for museum.”

felixonwukwe said:

”It’s an asset …. get it across to those who love antiques.”

US said:

”How many years u say your grandpa dey again. I hear say he heed it for 1000s of years…”

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