Nigerian Lady Driving from London to Lagos in Tears as She is ‘Denied Entry’ to Sierra Leone

Pelumi Nubi, a Nigerian travel content maker driving from London to Lagos, claims she was denied admission at the Sierra Leonean border.

On Tuesday, Pelumi posted on Instagram that she was “exhausted and tired” and shed tears.

She stated that they do not believe she is “driving from London” and that “right-handed drives” are prohibited in Sierra Leone.

“They said access was denied so close to the finish line and I am facing a tide of challenges that feels relentless. Each border crossing, a battle against multiple red tapes. This time Sierra Leone, they don’t want my ‘right-hand’ drive car to come into their country,” she wrote.

“It feels like every step forward, I’m pushed three steps back. I am quickly reminded that I’m not on a physical journey but a spiritual one too, so turning to prayer when the weight feels too heavy to bear alone. This is a call to all of you, my virtual family, to send your words of hope and encouragement.

“Because, hmm, do I have stories for days? Your support truly means so much to me, and I really hope they let me and the car into Sierra Leone soon. For now we are here waiting for some good news.”

Nubi declared in November that she will be traveling solo from London to Lagos.

She began the journey in a car on January 30.

Pelumi recently declared that she will arrive in Lagos on March 23, after driving for nearly two months.

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