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Nigerian Singer, Ebaide Joy, Rides from Kenya to Lagos on Motorbike

Ebaide Joy, a budding Nigerian singer and motorbiker, has taken a solo ride from Mombasa, Kenya, to Lagos.

Ebaide revealed on Instagram that she will start her solo trip on her motorcycle on March 8.

In a follow-up article, she stated that the choice to travel was influenced by a life-changing vehicle accident she experienced when she was 23.

She revealed that she spent months in a wheelchair before having surgery to stabilize her spinal chord using titanium rods and screws.

Ebiade stated that she wanted to “prove something” to herself by traveling on this trip.


“People say I am wasting my second chance, why am I wasting my life away? And putting my spinal cord in danger. I am doing this because I am trying to prove something to myself,” she said.

“I am the one in charge of my existence, of my life not my circumstances and situations. You see life has been a b***h and it has dealt with me the worst cards through my life.

“I waited for it to get better but it never did so I am taking it through my hands and proving to myself that I am the boss of my life. I am the one who determines what happens to me, no my situations or circumstances.”

She planned to make the trip on her motorcycle, Rory. The Tekken 250cc weighs 140kg. It features a Lansing engine, 6-speed transmission, a 14-liter fuel tank, and twin exhaust.

Ebaide, who has released songs like ‘Japa’, ‘Carry Go’, and ‘Different’, joins the list of Nigerians who have taken solo travels to Lagos from other nations.

Pelumi Nubi will arrive in Lagos on March 23, after driving from London for over two months.

Kunle Adeyanju, a Nigerian traveler, rode a bike from London to Lagos years ago.

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