PHOTOS: David Oyedepo’s Son Unveils Ministry, Receives Blessings From Father

Pastor Isaac Oyedepo, the son of Living Faith Church Worldwide founder Bishop David Oyedepo, has launched his own ministry, The Isaac Oyedepo Evangelistic Ministries.

On Tuesday, Isaac Oyedepo posted a YouTube video titled “Unveiling of the Isaac Oyedepo Evangelistic Ministries” on his X account.

In the YouTube video, his father, Bishop David Oyedepo, not only ministered but also prayed for Isaac and his wife, Ayomitide, who were both kneeling.

Bishop Oyedepo was heard saying in part, “As hands are laid on you, I pray for unusual grace for sustainable connectivity that will keep you going without sweat.

“I pray that impact will be your goal not good preaching but great impact and I pray that your life will interpret your message in the name of Jesus.

“As you step into this new phase of your assignment, may you be clothed with humility, I have never begged, yet I have never lacked, I have never borrowed yet I have never lacked.”

The younger Oyedepo had in October clarified that there were no complications in his relationship with his family, particularly his father, and he remained a steadfast member of the Living Faith Church, also known as Winners Chapel International.

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