Solo London To Lagos Driver Pelumi Nubi Involved In Auto Crash

Pelumi Nubi, a content creator who on a solo road trip from London to Lagos, escaped a car accident.

On Tuesday, she published an Instagram photo of her now-wrecked automobile, which showed extensive front-end damage and a smashed windshield. The accompanying video depicts her being transported in an ambulance, with the phrase “Say a prayer for me.”

The exact location, cause, and extent of her injuries are unknown at this time. Pelumi began her voyage on January 31, 2024, and faced numerous challenges along the way.

These problems included a 24-hour wait at the Liberian border and being denied admission into Sierra Leone last week. As a result, she has pushed back her scheduled return date from March 23, 2024 to April 7, 2024.

See the post below:

In an interview with Channels Television, Nubi said what nudged her to drive across continents: Honestly, I just wanted to show that this kind of travel was very possible for someone who looks like me and really inspire the next generation of travellers to step out of their comfort zone and do incredible things.

“Each time I try to imagine it (driving into Lagos), I get goosebumps because it’s just been such a tremendous journey, you know, showing people the parts and all of that, and then to get to this finale, and I hear it’s a homecoming like people have rallied up.”

Nubi, who has travelled to over 80 countries, now says she’s “trying to show that as a woman travelling solo, you know, you do have to have that extra safety or that extra layer of safety consideration, but it shouldn’t stop you.”

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