Study in Norway: All You Need To Know About Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

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Norway is a nation of breathtaking natural beauty, adrenaline-pumping outdoor sports, and attractive cities. But have you ever considered studying there? If you study in Norway, you will be able to enjoy its natural beauty firsthand while also earning a degree from some of Europe’s greatest colleges.

But when it comes to studying abroad, every student has one question: how much does it cost?

In this article, we’ll look at how much it would cost to study in Norway. This is how much it costs to study in Norway, from tuition fees to detailed cost of living figures.

Tuition Fees

Because of its non-existent tuition prices, Norway has long been one of Europe’s top destinations for overseas students. In fact, most higher education institutions in the country do not charge tuition, with students simply needed to pay a minor course fee of around 350-700 Norwegian Krone (NOK) (roughly €30-€60) per semester.

However, beginning in September 2023, many overseas students will be required to pay tuition to study in Norway.

Some pupils are still exempt under the new guidelines. If you are a citizen of the following countries, you will not be charged:

  • Norway (or if you have a permanent residency permit)
  • The EU
  • The EEA (including Liechtenstein and Iceland)
  • Switzerland

However, this means that beginning later this year, all students from North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australasia will be required to pay tuition fees.

The Norwegian government has advised that institutions charge around 130,000 NOK (€11,000) each year, however certain courses may consider charging more.

As a result, annual fees could range from 80,000 NOK (€7,000) to 150,000 NOK (€13,000). Annual tuition expenses for more specialized courses could reach 490,000 NOK (€42,500).

But keep in mind that if you come from one of the countries on the list above, you can still get (nearly) free tuition at several of Norway’s greatest public universities and higher education institutions.

The Cost of Living in Norway

Now that we know how much tuition in Norway costs, how much does it truly cost to live there?

Unfortunately, Norway is prohibitively pricey. It is the fifth most expensive country in the world, trailing only Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, and Singapore. This means that your money will go considerably farther in Norway than it will in other European countries.


Let’s begin with one of the most important bills you’ll have to pay as a student: rent. If you live in a major city like Oslo or Bergen, your rent will undoubtedly be greater than in a smaller town. Regardless, rent in Norway is often perceived to be significantly more than in other comparable destinations.

You could rent an apartment as an international student, but expect to pay between 3,500 NOK (€300) and 11,000 NOK (€950) per month.


Groceries will also account for a significant amount of your monthly spending. If you don’t eat out too much and cook mostly at home, your food prices should range between 3,000 NOK (€250) and 4,000 NOK (€350) per month.

Here are some instances of common grocery purchases:

  • Loaf of bread: 25-50 NOK (€2.20-€4.30)
  • Sandwiches: 60-100 NOK (€5.20-€8.60)
  • Grapes: 30 NOK (€2.60)

If you do wish to eat out, the cost will vary depending on where you study and the place you visit. A supper, on the other hand, will often cost between 150-300 NOK (€13-€25).


Don’t forget that you want to have fun while studying in Norway! Relaxing is essential for resetting your brain and making the most of your time in a new country.

A museum ticket will typically cost between 100 and 200 NOK (€8.60 and €17.30), while a movie ticket would cost between 130 and 150 NOK (€11.20 and €13).

How much does it cost to study in Norway?

As we’ve seen, the total cost of studying in Norway might vary depending on the course you take and your lifestyle – dining out and traveling will be more expensive.

However, in addition to tuition costs and the expense of living in Norway as a student, non-EU students must meet extra financial requirements.

According to the Norwegian government, international students will need around 128,887 NOK (€11,168) per year to study in Norway. To obtain a student visa, you must demonstrate that you have these finances available; otherwise, you may be denied.

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of the visa, which will be 5,900 NOK (€510) and must be paid when you submit your application. There is no study visa charge if you are under the age of 18.

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