Tempoe: What You Should Know About The Music Producer

Micheal Chigozie Agwu, popularly known as Tempoe is behind the male voice echo “Mad” that you hear at the start of most of your favourite hit songs. The music producer talks with Guardian Life about his childhood, music production and what to expect from him this year.

What was childhood like and how did you get into music production?
Apart from my dad playing classic songs of different genres which definitely sunk
into me.

I got into a church band at the time while in secondary school which was another time music fascinated me because they were creating and I wanted to be part of that even though I didn’t really care about church like that. I joined them as the youngest at that time but after a while I got bored and that was when I found FL Studio and I have been creating ever since.


Who would you say is your inspiration production-wise?


What is your definition of self-care?
Video games, watching TV shows/stand-up comedy and also taking time out to be by myself to reflect and learn.

Most of the time, all of the praise of a hit song goes to the artist, but not the
producer who also worked hard to make the song a hit. What do you think
producers can do to take hold of more credit?
Just keep working, invest in yourself, and keep offering high value and everything will make sense one day.

When will you say your big break happened?
Definitely the end of 2020 with Omah Lay’s Godly.

What personal experience(s) have changed your life significantly?
All of my wins to be honest.

Do you have a favourite collaboration so far?
It’s difficult not picking Ckay’s Love Nwantiti but I’d say my song with Victony, Soweto is my favourite collaboration right now. More producers are dabbling into music, do you see yourself doing so and

What should we expect from Tempoe moving on?
I’m always open to expressing myself however I best feel at the moment that’s all that matters to me. I’m on a journey to discover myself and I’m loving it so far. I’ve used my voice to back up songs like Omah Lay’s Understand, BNXN’s Confident and Omah Lay’s Godly. The whistling on Omah Lay’s Soso and Victony’s Soweto is another way I choose to express myself as well. I can’t be boxed at all because I do whatever I feel like. So right now, I’m just focused on releasing more beautiful records, touring, and playing my music and Nigerian music for people all over the world.


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