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Tomisin Ogunnubi: This Nigerian Teen, 16, Beat 49,000 Competitors to Become One of the $1 Billion Rise Initiative Winners Using Her App

Tomisin Ogunnubi, a sixteen-year-old Nigerian tech youngster, stunned the globe by defeating 49,000 contestants from 170 nations to win the $1 billion Rise Initiative competition. She demonstrated an app that could assist in pinpointing the exact location of missing children. “My Locator,” the software she created, uses Google Maps to track users’ locations on a minute-by-minute basis.

Tomisin won a scholarship to study abroad, mentorship, and career-shaping chances, as well as money, as one of the 100 winners of the $1 billion cash prize. It’s hardly surprise that her app was one of the competition’s top picks; it received over a thousand downloads in a short amount of time after it went public.

The software works when users add their relatives and friends’ contact information in the emergency checkbox. When there is a crisis, there is an inherent alert and saved location button that alerts security authorities and users’ families. As the user becomes disoriented, they must press the button. Their location will be given to security agencies and emergency contacts within a minute for prompt action.

Tomisin is pleased to be one of Nigeria’s youngest programmers, and despite her youth, she has established her authority in the computer world. She was offered a scholarship to Oxford University a year after she rose to notoriety. According to authorpedia, she then continued her study at Imperial College, London, and was a member of her school’s team that won the US Embassy in Nigeria’s robotics competition.

Tomisin developed an interest in coding at the age of 12 and has always hoped to use her talent to benefit society. But she knew she couldn’t achieve her objective unless she increased her expertise in various areas, so she worked extra hard to learn web and mobile programming, as well as programs that broadened her reach in several languages and frameworks including JavaScript, Java, and Python. As inquisitive as she is, she has also conducted substantial research on machine learning, animation, and design. She presently works as a software engineer at Cascade, United Kingdom.

Tomisin is not just passionate about technology, but she also makes time to pursue other interests, such as sports and music. She used to run track for her school and was a member of the school relay team, where she won medals. She also participated in her school chorus and enjoys playing the piano. In 2018, she co-wrote a book titled “A Walk in Her Shoes” with her mother, Yewanda.


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