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Top 10 Schengen Countries with the Lowest Visa Rejection Rates

Europe draws you in with its sunny beaches, medieval castles, and, in some situations, low Schengen visa denial rates. With the release of the Schengen visa statistics for 2022, we now have a list of the ten easiest nations to obtain a Schengen visa for. Take your pick and start planning your summer vacation.


In 2022, the Nordic country got 7,715 visa applications and only denied 146 of them. This equates to a rejection rate of 1.9%, the lowest in the Schengen area.

Glaciers and geysers, lava fields and waterfalls, and the Northern Lights are all breathtaking. According to the Global Peace Index 2022, Iceland is also the world’s most peaceful country.


Lithuania received 25,556 visa applications and accepted the majority of them. It had a rejection rate of only 7.8%.

National parks with dense forests and a glimpse of Jewish history and culture. Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a treasure trove of Baroque architecture. It is the only European capital city where hot air balloons can fly above the skyline.


Latvia had a 9.5% rejection rate, with the government granting 18,890 of 21,142 visas.

Riga’s Art Nouveau quarter; Latvia’s largest national park, Gauja; bird watching and bobsleigh riding.


In 2022, Slovakia received 12,211 applications and rejected only 9.7% of them.

Piestany’s spa town, the natural beauty of the Danube River, folk traditions, handicrafts, and old architecture.


Finland had a rejection rate of 9.7% as well. The country, however, received many more applications than Slovakia. Only 15,530 of the 1,64,427 applications were rejected.

Arctic Finland, where the sun does not set for six months straight, allows you to spend your entire day outside. Look for the Northern Lights, explore some of the 50,000 islands, and mingle with the inhabitants of the world’s happiest country.


In 2022, Luxembourg received 6,931 applications but awarded visas to 6,222 of them. That equates to a rejection rate of 10.5%.

Hiking paths, breathtaking castles, and great cuisine at several Michelin-starred restaurants.


Poland made the list of nations with the lowest visa denial rates in 2022, with 11.6%. The government received 83,114 applications for Schengen visas and rejected 9,841 of them.

Craft beer; stroll through Warsaw’s chic bars and Kraków’s historical structures; and see the Tatra mountains, which form a natural border between Slovakia and Poland.


Switzerland denied 49,263 visa applications in 2022, which is not terrible for a country that received over 4 lakh visa applications.

Zurich’s art and nightlife, as well as Bern’s treks and adventures. Basel’s graffiti, museums, and local artworks chronicle the origins of the international art event, Art Basel.


Greece turned down 12.5% of the 1,59,129 visa applications it received. In 2022, 4,02,573 visas will be granted.

Thousands of Greek islands and beaches, many of which are now wheelchair accessible. Visit the Acropolis in Athens, but also the Meteora rock formations. And how can you overlook Santorini’s picture-perfect scenery?


Over seven lakh Schengen visa applications were received in Italy from all over the world. The country’s rejection rate was 12.7%, with only 92,186 of them rejected. Italy also has some of India’s lowest rejection rates (11.5%).

The wonders, from Rome’s Colosseum to the Sistine Chapel and Vatican City itself. The country includes 55 UNESCO World Heritage sites, delicious food, and breathtaking natural scenery ranging from lakes to summits.

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