US-based Nigerian Teacher Sues Hotel After Staff Cover Her Shoulders as White Women Wear Skimpy Outfits

Blessing Nwosu, a black teacher, has filed a discrimination lawsuit against a five-star luxury Houston hotel. She said she was requested to cover her shoulders but several white ladies were allowed to wear revealing clothing, resulting in an unfair treatment lawsuit.

She is suing for $1 million in damages for alleged shock and humiliation at the Post Oak Hotel in Houston, Texas. On May 24, she went to the Bloom and Bee restaurant inside the hotel to celebrate her friend Stephanie’s birthday, and she was reportedly requested to cover her shoulders while dining.

Her lawsuit claimed that a restaurant host at the hotel draped a shawl over her shoulders during a 2 p.m. meal. The hotel, on the other hand, has refuted the claim, claiming that the shawl was offered graciously. According to the Daily Mail, they say that the court action is a trick by Nwosu’s attorney to obtain attention and financial advantage.

Nwosu, a published author and grade school teacher, was stopped at the restaurant while wearing a red bodycon dress with neck straps. According to the federal lawsuit, Nwosu entered the restaurant and seated at a table with her friends.

According to the lawsuit, the restaurant host approached Nwosu and placed a shawl or scarf on her shoulders, explaining it was required since her shoulders were exposed. This treatment irritated Nwosu. She noticed four Caucasian customers at the restaurant at the time, all of whom had their shoulders exposed.

According to the lawsuit, the Bloom & Bee Restaurant’s public Instagram page features multiple Caucasian ladies with exposed shoulders. It further stated that Nwosu was profoundly affected by the encounter, suffering from a variety of stress-related symptoms such as hair loss, nausea, insomnia, embarrassment, dread, muscle aches, and headaches.

The teacher told KHOU 11 that the claimed encounter made her feel like a spectacle, causing her tremendous discomfort as others viewed the scene.

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