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WATCH: Nigerian Man Oluwatobi Begins a 200-hour Sing-a-Thon

Oluwatobi Kufeji lejpàtàk, a Nigerian saxophonist, has begun a praise and worship singing marathon in Lagos with the goal of creating a new Guinness World Record for the longest singing marathon.

On June 10, Oluwatobi announced on Instagram that the body had authorized his request to perform a 200-hour singing marathon and hinted at attempting the record for longest solo concert at a later date.

Oluwatobi began his singing marathon on July 1, 2023, and has now completed almost 25 hours, as evidenced in a video from the location published on his Instagram profile.

People gathered at the venue as they joined the young man in his praise and worship marathon attempt.

According to the Guinness World Record official website, the longest singing marathon by an individual lasted 105 hours and was achieved by Sunil Waghmare (India) in Nagpur, India, from 3 to 7 March 2012.

Watch the video below:

Oluwatobi Kufeji Àlejòpàtàkì’s sing-a-thon sparks reactions

@radianceaffair said:

“Are you guys not tired of this GWR! When people don’t tell you how they succeed in Nigeria, don’t blame them,they do not want their works to he ridiculed. It’s irritating to say the least.”

@dianejohn4luv said:

“This Guinness world record marathon everyone is trying to break is enough proof to know we’re the ones doing ourselves in this country… we’re our own problem.”

@sunfamson said:

“Everyone that are rebuking the tenacity of Nigerians do not have an idea who Nigerians are. It is the passion for the best, almost to a fault, that continues to position Nigerians influence above many things around the world including Afrobeats. Support them or leave them.”

@dreydeco_shortlet said:

“Pls let’s encourage people that feel they can compete.. why would another man see an opportunity that can change his life and stay mute.. life is a competition, pls I encourage and support any youth that feel they can break any record to seize their moment ..opportunity comes but once.”

@odcmedic said:

“GWR don buy market for Nigeria. We go give them the popularity they never imagined, sing on big Oga ….na only deepest under water dive Nigerian no go fit break because fufu don block our lungs finish.”

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