‘We’re Not Returning to Nigeria’ – Happie Boys Reject OPM Pastor’s Scholarship

Happie Boys have told Chibuzor Chinyere, the general overseer of Omega Power Ministry (OPM), that they won’t be returning to Nigeria.

The comedy duo gained attention on social media after being dismissed from their jobs at an eatery in Aba, Abia state for dancing while on duty.

Following their dismissal, they were granted scholarships by Chinyere to study in Cyprus.

The comedians later raised the alarm that they were left stranded and had to drop out of school after their funding was discontinued.

They publicly shared private conversations they had with their benefactor, a move that enraged Chinyere.

The matter left both parties at loggerheads, with the clergyman hurling expletive-laden commentaries at the duo.

Chinyere later offered them the option to return and continue their studies in Nigeria or the Benin Republic.

Reacting to the offer, Happie Boys expressed their gratitude but said they no longer need scholarships or financial assistance from the church.

The comedy duo added that they would like to be on their own.

“Papa OPM made us know Cyprus. That man did well. It’s not easy to fly someone from Nigeria to Cyprus,” the comedians said in Pidgin English.

“They never told us about the flight tickets they booked. As for me, I’m not returning to Nigeria.

“We don’t need the Nigerian scholarship. We don’t need the OPM Happie Boys scholarship anymore.

“We no longer need tithe offering. We just want to apologise to him. We ask him to forgive us for what we did.

“But we are not coming back. We will figure ourselves out from here.”

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