Why Fela Married 27 Women in One Day – Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti, the son of Fela Kuti, the famed Afrobeat artist, has revealed why his father married 27 women in one day.

Fela made news in 1978 when he married 27 women all at once.

During a recent Fresh Off The Boat podcast interview, Seun revealed that the mass wedding was a response to media attention.

He said that the press was referring to Fela’s female dancers and support vocalists as “prostitutes”.

Seun described how his father suggested marriage to the 27 women in order to defend their honour and dignity.

“My father was under immense media propaganda. He was very scrutinised,” he said.

“And most of it was directed to the women in his life; his female backup singers, dancers.

“They all lived together with my dad but the media started calling them prostitutes.

“So my dad, to preserve their honour and dignity, asked them if they would choose to be his brides so nobody would call them names anymore and they all agreed. That was how the marriage happened.”

Seun Kuti is well-known for his provocative views on sociopolitical matters in Nigeria and beyond.

In December, Seun clarified that his achievement is unrelated to being Fela’s son.

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