Why Filmmaker Blacklisted Me For Five Years – Gideon Okeke

Gideon Okeke has described the difficulties that molded his acting career.

Okeke stated on Instagram that his hardships in the film industry have helped him grow and become stronger as an actor.

The actor said that he was blacklisted for five years by a certain film firm “for setting a standard for himself.”

The 40-year-old also thanked God for his perseverance and faith in the face of adversity.

“Adversity is good. I thank God for everything I had to go through to get back here. In the centre of my spot,” he wrote.

“I am thankful for being blacklisted by a certain movie company. 5 years it took, not 1 film I made.
Ntooor! Good for me.

“My crime? I dared to set a standard for myself. SMH. I am thankful for my practiced faith in God and myself. I am thankful that my (then) adversaries, know how to recite the words of Psalm 23.

“I am thankful for adversity because through the fire, Now I shine like a diamond. Adversity. It is gonna make you roar like a lion, just so you can be the lamb, that you truly are.

“The Lord is my shepherd. And I have never lacked. You will never miss me again. Somebody said I fell off. But I am still thankful I did, JOE.”

Okeke described how an unknown woman tried to derail his acting career in 2020.

He also urged on Nigerians to boycott Nollywood movies and TV shows, claiming that performers are mistreated in the industry.

In 2022, the actor claimed that the working conditions in Nollywood are “gruesomely slave-like.”

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