Why I Hid Identity of My Celebrity Mum for Years – Mayorkun Reveals

Mayorkun, a Nigerian singer, has revealed why he chose not to expose his mother’s identity for years.

Adewale Mayowa, the singer’s real name, is the son of Nollywood actress Toyin Adewale.

Mayorkun recently stated in an interview that he avoided discussing his mother’s identity for years because he disliked the fact that she is a popular actress.

The musician stated that he never wanted anyone to treat him differently because of his relationship with the Nollywood actor.

“Growing up, my brother and I did not like the fact that our mom was a popular actress because we wanted freedom, but with her fame came fake attention and all,” he said.

“I hated being treated differently, not because you like me but because I am Toyin Adewale’s son.

“Even at my university, people did not know she was my mother for four years. I was intentional about this.

“My mom brought food to me at school once, and a girl saw her. I quickly ran to her to get what she came with, just so no one else saw her.

“Only my close friends who visited my house frequently knew who my mother was. So, I did not grow up as that boy who is an actress’ son.”

Mayorkun gained popularity after he released ‘Eleko’, his debut single, in 2016.

The singer has also received several accolades for his talent.


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