Why My Marriage Crashed – Actress Wunmi Toriola

Wunmi Toriola, a Nigerian actress, has explained why she divorced her ex-husband.

Toriola married in 2018 and had her first kid, Zion, the following year.

In a lengthy Instagram post in January, the actress disclosed her split from her partner.

Toriola revealed in a recent interview that her marriage failed because her ex-husband always rubbed her fame in her face during disagreements.

Despite their divorce, the single mother of one says her ex-husband is still actively involved in co-parenting their child.

“I got married to a young man, we had our lives coming up. I used to believe we could work things out but at a point when you have issues in marriage and keep letting you feel your celebrity status is on the rock. Things that would have been settled,” she said.

“Me and my ex co-parent on a good note. He is 100% involved in his child as of today.

“I even realized that the co-parenting is going better, we could have even ended up being friends.

“At some point when my marriage failed, I just put all my energy into my movie and that is what I am reaping today. My mental health was a mess then but I channeled the energy into my movies”.

Toriola added that she is open to being a second wife as long as the union makes her happy.

“I used to have the mindset that I cannot be a second or third wife but that has changed because I am after-one now,” she said.

“If I see an after-one like me too or a widower, I will marry him. What matters is my happiness”.

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