10 African Countries With The Largest Population Without Electricity

Access to electricity is a critical issue in several African countries, offering considerable barriers to development. Across the continent, a sizable section of the population struggles with a lack of reliable energy.

Millions of people are living in constant darkness, without access to a basic essential for daily life. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that over 600 million Africans lack access to energy, with Africa having the lowest electricity availability rate internationally at over 43%.

The lack of electricity prevents households from performing vital tasks, such as providing adequate illumination for their homes and streets. The impact goes beyond household settings and affects all sectors of the economy, including enterprises, education, and healthcare.

Many places have limited access to energy due to a variety of causes, including high electricity costs and infrastructure deficits. While Africa has very cheap energy costs on a global scale, there are some locations where prices are extremely high in relation to household earnings.

Another factor is African governments’ long-standing inability to spend properly in their countries’ energy industries, leaving them short of the critical task of establishing the required capacity.

An energy development study revealed which African countries have the highest populations without access to electricity. The study is a collaboration between the International Energy Agency (IEA), United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), World Bank, and other partners.

The following are the ten African countries with the largest populations without electricity:

RankCountryPopulation without access to electricity
1Nigeria86 million
2Democratic Republic of the Congo76 million
3Ethiopia55 million
4United Republic of Tanzania36 million
5Uganda25 million
6Mozambique22 million
7Niger21 million
8Madagascar19 million
9Burkina Faso18 million
10Angola18 million

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