10 Investments of Flutterwave Founder Olugbenga Agboola

Olugbenga Agboola

Olugbenga Agboola, the visionary founder of Flutterwave, has left an indelible mark on the African tech scene. As a co-founder of Africa’s most valued firm, he serves as a role model for entrepreneurs across the continent.

Agboola began a transformative journey in 2016 by launching Flutterwave, a software startup that uses quick integration to uncover potential for African businesses and customers, particularly in Kenya. Flutterwave, a financial unicorn managed by Agboola, shines as a light of global success, with dual headquarters in San Francisco and Lagos.

The company has accomplished amazing milestones, now valued at more than $3 billion, thanks to an unorthodox entrepreneurial spirit that has driven them.

This amazing achievement solidifies Olugbenga Agboola’s position as a prominent change agent in Africa’s financial services sector. His achievements are comparable to those of Jim Ovia, Othman Benjelloun, Michiel Le Roux, and Tony Elumelu.

Agboola’s influence goes beyond Flutterwave to his investments in numerous Internet companies and startups through Berrywood Capital, his investment endeavor.

This platform is dedicated to cultivating an environment of freedom and responsibility. His dedication to quality, together with his strategic investments and passion for good change, cemented him as one of the continent’s leading founders.

HowNG looks at several investments directly led by Agboola.

1. Disha

Disha, which was acquired by Flutterwave in 2021, is a platform that enables worldwide digital creators to curate, showcase, and profit from their material. Disha supports the African creative economy by providing a comprehensive set of tools and templates that allow content creators to efficiently monetize their work.

Disha, founded in 2019 by Evans Akanno, Rufus Oyemade, and Blessing Abeng, has grown as a notable African platform that allows withdrawals in 150 currencies around the world. With a phenomenal organic user base of over 20,000 in just two years, its acquisition-led Agboola wants to open up unparalleled opportunities for freelancers and creators, allowing them to showcase and grow via their innovative work globally.


2. Brass

Brass is a digital bank that is solely dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses with an innovative array of products and tools designed for growth. Brass achieves its aim of enabling local companies with inexpensive, high-impact tools to flourish and expand through its simple yet effective current account services. Brass assists entrepreneurs in understanding their revenue and costs by providing critical financial services and insights, establishing itself as a key ally for business success.


3. CinetPay

CinetPay, an Ivorian payment company, has secured a $2.4 million seed round investment led by Flutterwave and 4DX Ventures in December 2021. CinetPay, founded in 2016 by Idriss Monthe and Daniel Dindji, has quickly expanded into a digital finance platform across Francophone Africa. CinetPay has a proven track record of facilitating seamless online and point-of-sale transactions for over 12,000 merchants in nine French-speaking African countries, including Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, and Cameroon.


4. Curacel

Curacel demonstrated its ongoing dedication to innovation on February 14, 2023, by raising $3 million in a substantial early investment round. This investment, led by Agboola, demonstrates Curacel’s commitment to changing the insurance and healthcare sectors through AI-powered claims processing and fraud monitoring.

Curacel, founded in 2019 by Henry Mascot, uses money strategically to improve operational precision and efficiency, boosting its influence on these essential industries.


5. Caliza

Caliza, a forerunner in software development, provides a game-changing API used by fintech companies to construct digital dollar accounts for saving and transactions.

Caliza’s platform offers a variety of critical services, such as neo-banking, brokerage, wallets, and B2B marketplace solutions.

Its revolutionary strategy enables consumers to enhance their money by providing competitive balance rates and simplifying shipping and export activities.


6. Remedial Health

Remedial Health used the potential of technology to usher in a new age in Africa’s pharmaceutical supply chain.

The startup’s innovative path was boosted significantly by a $1 million pre-seed investment led by Agboola.

Remedial Health won an astounding $12 million in Series-A equity and debt capital, bolstering its commitment to healthcare progress and reaffirming its vital role in defining healthcare solutions across West Africa.


7. Duplo

On February 10, 2022, Duplo secured $1.3 million in a critical pre-seed fundraising round, leading the push in B2B payment modernization in Africa.

This investment, supported by Agboola, advances Duplo’s ambition to transform logistics and delivery solutions in a continuously changing landscape, promoting better efficiency and effectiveness.


8. Casava

Casava, a forerunner in insurtech, specializes in microinsurance underwriting for life and general coverage.

Agboola’s huge $4-million donation during the pre-Seed round on Feb. 2, 2022, confirmed the forward-thinking nature of its solutions.

Casava’s integration of technology for universal insurance access is in line with the company’s aim to improving financial stability and risk management.


9. Big Cabal Media

Big Cabal Media, in the vanguard of Nigerian digital media, captivates African youth viewers with engaging, culturally appropriate content.

Big Cabal links brands with Africa’s booming digital youth with an original and lively voice, and is a forerunner in dialogues including culture, innovation, entrepreneurship, entertainment, and youth-centric themes.


10. Bamboo

Bamboo, founded in January 2019 by Richmond Bassey and Yanmo Omorogbe, enables young adults to build wealth through stock investments in the United States.

Bamboo pioneers chances for Africans to develop wealth by providing real-time access to global capital markets and investment products with inflation-adjusted returns.

Bamboo has established itself as a fintech industry leader, with a robust community of over 50,000 active investors and approximately 1 million unique trades executed.

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