10 Things To Know About Landmark and Its Investments in Nigeria

Landmark Africa, to many Nigerians, could have been just another developer if not for its architectural landmarks that deliver an experience. Not simply real estate and hospitality.

The news of the demolition of a portion of its beach resort for the Lagos Calabar coastal route building was newsworthy. Landmark Africa has a broader business existence.

1. Landmark Lagos is the Lagos arm of Landmark Africa, consisting of the Landmark Center, Landmark Beach, and Landmark Village for now.

2. Euromoney previously endorsed Landmark Lagos as the fastest rising leisure and lifestyle destination in West Africa.

3. Its latest project, Landmark Village, aims to provide clients with a live-work-play estate on Victoria Island in Lagos, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

4. Completed projects include a 2500-person event venue, a Japanese restaurant, and a Hard Rock Café.

5. Future projects include a training centre and two multi-tiered office buildings with over 20,000 m2 of office space. The property will also have a 4-star luxury hotel, fully serviced extended stay apartments, and upmarket residences for sale.

6. Landmark Lagos was valued at $200 million before the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway bulldozer destroyed a portion of its Landmark Beach. According to CEO Paul Onwuanibe, Landmark Africa just obtained $20 million in funding from Vantage Capital to help it reach a $5 billion value.

7. Landmark Africa’s corporate clientele includes high-end customers from worldwide banks and financial institutions. Its profile sheet includes 48 organizations from various areas such as IT, FCMG conglomerates, and others. They include Google, MTN, P&G, STANBIC, JP Morgan, PwC, and others.

8. Landmark Lagos receives 200,000 visitors per month, making it the most popular location in Lagos.

9. Landmark Africa has been operating in Africa for 19 years, with offices in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

10. Landmark Lagos started operations in 2017.



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