Meet Oyinkanade, One Of The Nigeria’s Hottest Artiste


Oyinkansade Dare Akande (born January 13, 1988) Also known as Oyinkanade is a Nigerian artiste, singer, composer and entertainer best known for his outstanding performance at the MTN Project Fame West Africa Season 5 where he emerged 5th position. He is the first male artist to be signed into Vivace Records. His debut single hit the scene in 2012 and was produced by Tee-Y Mix.

He was born to Mr Shola Akande and Deaconess Ibidunni Akande. He attended Olabisi Nursery/Primary School, Agbowo, Ibadan. He also went to Methodist Grammar school, Bodija Ojurin, Ibadan where he finished his secondary school. Presently, he is a Political Science student in the University of Abuja, Abuja.


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OYINKANADE: Thank you my sister

Can you please introduce yourself to us?

OYINKANADE: My name is Akande Oyinkansade Dare and my stage name is ‘Oyinkanade’.

What prompted you to start your music career?

OYINKANADE: It started like a joke though, because I actually wanted to play football. I think it all started when I joined the choir in Church.  I was also in a group then called ‘The Bridgez’, it was made up of four (4) guys, we sing from one church to the other. It started like that until I went for MTN Project Fame.

What motivates you?

OYINKANADE: What motivates me most is my environment and things around me. Apart from my creator, who gave me the talent, instead of taking Alomo to sing; I take 5 alive and water. I can take coke and be high just because I want to record; because I try to get to the character of the song I want to sing.


Oyinakande’s Manager (left), Oyinkanade and Jetheights CEO Ayo Alex Alao

What do you hope to achieve with your music?

OYINKANADE: Apart from being an artiste, I hope to bring up some other artiste. I hope to having my own label someday, not necessary running it like a label but like a movement of guys that are good in music, helping people to get to the stage and make them popular.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

OYINKANADE: When you hear people singing your lyrics and how people approach you. Even though they don’t know the stress you went through before achieving that. I enjoy when people get to appreciate me.

What is the worst decision you ever made and what did you learn from it?

OYINKANADE: I have never made any worst decision; I’m always on point, because before I make decision, I have a team that I work with. I have people that call me to order, and that don’t allow me to make any stupid decision.

What aspect of your Education has been helpful to your experience as a musician?

OYINKANADE: Studying music at OAU and that has actually helped me in writing songs and putting notes together. Most people don’t know that I know the theory part of music. I just want to do music, so that actually helped me.

What’s your greatest achievement so far?

OYINKANADE: So far, I have won up to five awards, and still more to come. I want to go global, so I haven’t achieved my greatest achievement yet. I already had a dream of what I’m now about 10 years ago. So what I’m dreaming about right now is way bigger than what we are saying.

What’s your future plan on your musical career?

OYINKANADE: Next five years, I believe and I pray that the name OYINKANADE will be known worldwide and I see my guys too going along together.


Oyinkanade and his crews with Eunice

How do you get your parent to support your music career?

OYINKANADE: It’s a process, they won’t just believe in you at that moment you tell them you want to do music, what you get is that ‘you are stupid’. My mum has always wanted me to study Veterinary Medicine, so it took me years to convince them.

Tell us about your relationship life?

OYINKANADE: It’s confidential.

What are the challenges you have so far in music career?

OYINKANADE: Firstly, it’s either you don’t have money to record, or you get to the studio and a big artiste is recording, you will just have to stop your recording for such person. But I think I’m lucky I have never had the cause to borrow or had to stress myself to do my stuff.

Any present project?

OYINKANADE: I have a lot of stuffs I’m working on presently. I have songs that I’m recording and more songs I will like to record. For this year, I will be releasing some couple of songs and also starting a movement.

How has MTN project fame helped you?

OYINKANADE: I call my experience at project fame TRANSFORMATION. I’m a shy guy, very gentle and I hardly talk, but project fame changed my orientation and thought me how to move the crowd.


Oyinkanade with Jetheights Staffs

You are famous for using left hand on guitar.

OYINKANADE: Yes, funny enough when I started playing the guitar, nobody was ready to teach me because I am left handed and I don’t want to change the strings, so I just turn it upside down and I started learning myself, So what I do is just watch you play with your right hand, and I turn it upside down to play.

You have this unique style of infusing Fuji and RnB, What’s up with that?

OYINKANADE: It started at MTN project fame, where you get to sing a particular song from your area. I was given a Fuji song, and I was used to my RnB songs, while learning I was told ‘I can do this’ and it worked for me; and it actually made me sound different.

Advice for the young and aspiring youth interested in music

OYINKANADE: Hustle right, and know that all what you see on screen is not as it seems. Don’t go after the money, though the money is important, just make sure you create something original, do something different that will make you sound unique.

Aside music, is there any other thing you want to get involve in?


Thank you, we glad to have you with us, Thanks for coming.

Oyinkanade: God bless you, it’s my pleasure.

This is Oyinkanade, I’m chilling  at StarsConnect Network Studio, Ibadan, Oyo state. This is the place to be, to Network with the Stars. I’m a Star

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