3 Nigerian Music Stars Aiming for a Comeback

The Nigerian music industry is recognized for its energetic and dynamic nature, with musicians frequently rising to prominence and then falling away. However, some musicians are attempting to make a comeback, hoping to rekindle their careers and reconnect with their followers.

They have all made significant contributions to the Nigerian music business and seek to reconnect with their fans and recover their place in the forefront. With their talent and determination, these musicians can make a successful comeback and continue to thrill their fans with their distinct styles and sounds. Here are some well-known Nigerian musicians who are attempting to return to the spotlight.

1. Illbliss

Tobechukwu Ejiofor, also known as Illbliss, is a Nigerian rapper, actor, and entrepreneur who has made important contributions to the Nigerian hip-hop scene. He is credited with pioneering the ‘Eastern-Igbo Boy Movement’ in Nigerian hip hop and has garnered multiple nominations and accolades, including Best Hip-hop Video at the 2008 Soundcity Music Video accolades.

Illbliss took a break from music to pursue other creative opportunities, such as acting and producing. His role as Odogwu in the film “King of Boys” was particularly noteworthy. However, he has not completely abandoned his music profession. Illbliss’s new album, “Illy Chapo X,” was published in July 2020 and has been nominated for Best Rap Album at the Headies 2020 awards. He has stated that being a father and seeking diversification in his profession were the primary reasons for his hiatus from music, but he is now ready to return.

2. Terry G

Terry G, born Gabriel Oche Amanyi, is an eccentric singer and producer noted for bringing hip-hop music to the streets with his signature’madness style.’ He has been dubbed one of the world’s strangest singers and craziest musicians from Nigeria. Terry G rose to prominence with his hyper-energetic song delivery and addictive sounds, including hits like ‘Free Madness,’ ‘Run Mad,’ and ‘Akpako Master.’

However, Terry G has been absent from the music industry in recent years. He recently featured on the Honest Bunch podcast, where he detailed his efforts to make a comeback. Terry G’s admirers are eagerly awaiting his comeback, expecting that he would bring the same enthusiasm and innovation that propelled him to stardom.

3. Solid Star

Solid Star, born Joshua Iniyezo, is well known for his popular songs ‘Nwa Baby’ and ‘One in a Million.’ However, he has recently battled mental health issues that have had an impact on his profession. Solid Star’s younger brother, Joseph, said that he had been dealing with mental health concerns for quite some time, which had caused his disappearance from the music scene.

In a recent interview with Nedu Wazobia FM on the Honest Brunch podcast, Solid Star announced his return with a new single, ‘Sonto.’ He spoke openly about his mental health treatment and the challenging circumstances he endured during his recuperation. Solid Star apologized for any hurt he may have caused as a result of his health concerns and is now focused on a successful return to the music industry.

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