4 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are microscopic pests that feed on human blood and can hide in small gaps.

They thrive in warm areas and hide in places like mattresses, bed frames, and furniture, making them challenging to exterminate.

Bed bug bites can cause discomfort, redness, and itching, so it’s critical to get rid of them quickly. While chemical treatments are beneficial, many people prefer natural alternatives to prevent health hazards.

Here are some natural solutions for getting rid of bed bugs.

1. Sunlight

Bed bugs are sensitive to high temperatures, therefore sunshine can be an effective natural technique for reducing their infestations.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), bed bugs die when their body temperatures reach 45°C (113°F); so expose them to sun heat.

Place the contaminated things outside in direct sunshine for several hours. Spread them widely for maximum exposure. The longer the exposure, the greater the likelihood of killing bedbugs and their eggs.

Rotate large things, such as beds or pillows, on a regular basis to expose all sides to sunlight.

After exposure, thoroughly inspect the objects for any leftover symptoms of bed bugs and use a vacuum to remove any dead insects or eggs.

2. Encasement

The EPA recommends encasing mattresses and box springs to prevent bed bugs.

These mattress encasements are specially designed bed bug covers that help catch and starve bed bugs. They also keep bed bugs from biting you as you sleep and infesting other locations.

For best results, leave the encasement on for a year and make sure it’s been tested for bed bugs and is sturdy enough.

3. Hot water

Bed bugs cannot survive high temperatures, therefore hot water is an excellent natural way to kill them and their eggs.

For washable products, use hot water and tumble dry for 30 minutes. A study found that a 30-minute hot wash effectively kills all stages of bed bugs.

To kill bed bugs on non-washable materials or regions, use a steam cleaner set to hot water.

4. Declutter

Decluttering is essential for removing bed bugs. Bed bugs can hide in clothing, books, and clutter, making them tough to find and treat.

Reducing clutter in your home will assist to reduce the amount of hiding places for bed bugs, making it easier to detect and treat infestations.

Aside from decluttering, you should vacuum regularly. Concentrate on vacuuming crevices, seams, and edges where bedbugs are prone to hide.

Decluttering and vacuuming require consistency and thoroughness.

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