5 Money-Spraying Options for Nigerian Parties

Throwing hard cash into the air during festivals has long been seen as a party starter in Nigeria.

For Nigerians, ripping open a wad of pristine naira notes and throwing them at a dancing partygoer is a status symbol.

It is a silent proclamation that a wealthy individual is present in the room.

Recently, law enforcement has targeted renowned persons who spray naira during festivities.

This approach violates Section 21(3) of Nigeria’s CBN Act 2007.

It equates to defacing Nigerian legal money and is increasingly frowned upon.

The legislation forbids spraying money during gatherings. It specifies a penalty of imprisonment, fines, or both.

The growing public awareness of the existence of this regulation has prompted many to investigate alternatives to the money spraying culture.

1. Prop money

Prop money is a creative alternative to spraying hard dollars at parties.

Prop money is an imitation currency that looks like genuine money but is primarily used in theater.

It is frequently utilized in films, music videos, and live events.

With its stunning similarity to actual notes, guests can still hurl and spray money without fear of defacing the real notes or breaking the law.

To make it more entertaining, the prop money can be customized to match the party’s theme.

2. Digital transactions

Why not take advantage of the current era of digital banking and internet payments?

Making digital transactions is another way to avoid the risk of damaging naira notes during parties.

Mobile banking apps, internet payment platforms, and digital wallets can all be used to send monetary gifts to the recipient.

Contributions can also be contributed to cover the event’s expenditures.

People can easily contribute to the event remotely by using digital transactions.

3. Non-monetary presents

Gifting non-monetary goods at parties can also be regarded an alternative to spraying notes.

Guests can show their appreciation for the party host by bringing valuable gifts.

These presents could be personalized or handmade objects that reflect the celebrant’s interests.

Non-monetary presents foster a greater feeling of forethought and intentionality.

4. Decorative envelopes

Decorative envelopes are a convenient option for visitors who want to give monetary gifts at the event.

Guests can insert their monetary gifts or the money they would have had sprayed into these attractive envelopes.

The host can design the envelopes and make them accessible on-site to match the event’s decor or theme.

Imagine the refinement that would bring to the party.

5. Redeemable Vouchers

Redeemable vouchers are another something to consider.

Instead of presenting or spraying genuine cash, a host can make available a selection of gift certificates with predetermined monetary values.

The guest pays in cash and ostensibly gives the voucher to the celebrant.

In addition to cash, the voucher may allow the host to redeem specified goods or services whenever they choose.

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