7 Major Music Feuds in Nigeria Since 2000

The Nigerian music sector is recognized not just for its appealing sounds and dance skills, but also for some heated disagreements among its singers. Over the years, disagreements among musicians have frequently made headlines, bringing drama to the profession.

These feuds demonstrate that, while the Nigerian music industry is rich in talent, it is also a volatile environment. However, these confrontations frequently result in excellent music and, in some cases, even greater friendships. Here’s a look at some of the biggest confrontations amongst Nigerian music singers since 2000, demonstrating that the music industry can get heated at times!

1. Olamide vs. Don Jazzy

At the 2015 Headies Awards, Olamide was disappointed that his artist did not win the ‘Next Rated’ category. He delivered a spectacular speech that garnered a lot of attention. Don Jazzy responded to his own award acceptance. This sparked a brief public feud between the two on social media, which was eventually mediated by billionaire Aliko Dangote.

2. Mode9 vs. Ruggedman

Mode9 and Ruggedman, two of Nigeria’s finest rappers, disagreed over their musical approaches. Mode9 disliked Ruggedman’s utilization of local dialects in his rap. In 2008, he addressed his sentiments in a song titled ‘Death Blow’. Ruggedman answered with his own track, keeping the feud going.

3. MI Abaga vs. Kelly Handsome

Kelly Handsome battled with MI Abaga after producing a song that appeared to encourage cyber fraud. MI, along with other artists, released a song that criticized Kelly’s opinions. This resulted in a series of songs by both sides, transforming their disagreement into a full-fledged musical battle.

4. Plantashun Boiz Breakup Drama

Plantashun Boiz, a music group comprised of 2Baba, Blackface, and Faze, was extremely popular in the early 2000s. However, when the group split in 2004, things took a turn for the worst. 2Baba went on to have a great solo career, but Blackface was not pleased. He even created a song titled ‘War’ in 2019 that targeted 2Baba, demonstrating that their old wounds had not healed.

5. BNXN vs. Ruger

The most recent conflict on the block began in 2022 between BNXN and Ruger over who was the greater artist. Their back-and-forth featured social media feuds and public insults, which kept viewers amused while also taking sides. They eventually worked over their differences and released a song together in 2024.

6. MI vs. Vector

After years of simmering resentment, MI Abaga and Vector, two Nigerian rap legends, publicly exchanged barbs. Their songs against one other expressed profound personal and professional complaints, prompting listeners to take sides. They eventually made amends and even collaborated on a song.

7. Davido vs. Burna Boy

Davido and Burna Boy were formerly close friends, but their relationship deteriorated in 2020. Their spat went public after Davido shared an image calling himself and another musician the greatest. Burna Boy replied with subtle jabs. Their animosity continued with songs and social media remarks, fueling their continuing feud.

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