The Sad Story of a 16-Year-Old Mum, Married Off Twice at 14 in Anambra

Chioma lost her mother when she was 14 years old while living in Edo state, but she still knows what’s best for her.

During her mother’s absence, Chioma’s father transported her and her sister to Anambra, where they married. Twice.

Ify Obinabo, Commissioner of Women and Social Welfare, stated that the girl’s father originally gave her over to a 70-year-old.

Chioma was either 18 or 20 years old, according to his father, Uzochukwu Okoli. He was aware of her unhappy life and would not have been surprised if she had expressed her desire for his death.

After a while, the 14-year-old fled the marriage, returning to her father’s home. Okoli then sent her back to a younger man. Chinedu is 20 years older than his young bride, according to Obinabo’s account.

Chioma, who has a nine-month-old kid, characterized her experience at Chinedu’s as ‘a living nightmare’ to Obinabo. The child informed officials that he thrashed her and peed in her mouth.

That brutal treatment compelled her to flee once more, this time with her baby.

Okoli, however, became enraged. So Chioma, 16, and her sister went to the ministry to report their experience.

During his detention, the father admitted to breaking the Child Rights Act of 2003 and the girl’s fundamental rights.

He never concerned about the implications.

According to the commissioner, Okoli gave Chioma and her sister the option of praying that he die in jail.

“He threatened to make life more miserable for them if he got out alive.”

Obinabo has requested that the case be taken to court so that the children can receive justice.

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